By Raegan Drew, Funeral Director

It’s been great working with Radio 1 and talking about my experiences in the new podcast – Beauty and the Deceased.

I first started working with our Co-op Funeralcare press team last year, when I did an interview for Cosmopolitan. People seemed really interested in how I got into my current job. I first trained as a beauty therapist so a funeral director isn’t necessarily what your mind goes to when you think of the beauty industry.

I used my love of doing make-up to get into embalming and making sure people’s loved ones look their best on their final journey. It’s rewarding and so important to make sure people’s wishes are fulfilled. Only last week someone came to view their mum and was so reassured when I explained that we’d make her look her best for the funeral.

When I spoke to Lauren in the press team about this opportunity with Radio 1, she told me they were keen to get messages about death and bereavement to a younger audience. Research done by the press team shows that most people first experience a bereavement in their 20s, yet there’s very little out there to prepare them for this traumatic event. We don’t seem to talk about death openly, but it’s a huge part of life.

Getting to work with Radio 1 was brilliant as their target audience is younger than the audiences we’ve traditionally got through to, so it helps with our aim of starting this conversation with a younger group of people.

I recorded 5 episodes of ‘Beauty and the Deceased’. They’re all on the BBC sounds app now and are being shared live on Radio 1 once a week. The episodes are quite short, only 15 minutes each, so if you want to listen it’s an easy one to fit in. We cover everything from what I do day to day, to how any potential love interests might react to my job!

Luckily, I recorded most of the episodes before lockdown. This was really important as my friends and family were also interviewed as part of the series. There’s an interview with my mum and one with my friends on what they think of my career choice. I’m so pleased they were all willing to take part.

I’d love it if as many people as possible from across the business gave this a listen. We’re trying to raise awareness and encourage openness around death and grief, so I hope you find it an interesting listen and maybe even start to have some conversations with your loved ones.


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  1. Hi, my mum passed away in January. I was with her at the end of a very long and painful journey. I was really scared about seeing her again before the funeral as I didn’t know what to expect. I am so glad I did. She looked beautiful and peaceful. I am grateful to have that lasting picture in my mind xx

  2. I used to teach beauty therapy at the college and loved ensuring the deceased looked their best, but as a FD we don’t get the opportunity any more, which is sad, as there are many people across the business who have got such wonderful transferrable skills that should be utilised more 🙂

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