By Jo Whitfield, Food CEO

Nobody should have to go hungry.

Together, we’ve already achieved so much in our fight against hunger, helping people across the country and throughout our local communities. So far, we’ve donated 5 million meals to food charities by raising money for FareShare – even Marcus Rashford lent a hand to our campaign.

We also supported students from our 25 Co-op Academies who rely on free school meals by providing them with a Co-op Food voucher every week throughout lockdown, which they’ll continue to receive throughout the summer holidays too.

What we’ve achieved so far is incredible. We’ve made a huge impact, but there’s always more work to be done.


FoodShare helps us care for those in our communities

We’re a community retailer, we’re local residents, and we care about the world we share. That’s why we’re building on the great work we’ve done with FareShare by promoting our own hyper-local food redistribution scheme FoodShare.

FoodShare lets stores partner with local community groups and donate surplus food items, including chilled goods. This enables our stores and colleagues to work directly with our communities and partners, helping those in our immediate communities. If you know an organisation that could benefit from FoodShare, please encourage them to sign up here to become a partner.


Join us in helping those going hungry

There’s a really simple way you can help those going hungry – just shop with us. Until 25 August, when you buy anything from our 3 for 2 picnic offer, we’ll donate 20p to the National Emergencies Trust who’ll distribute money from the fund to grassroots projects who help people gain access to food.

The pandemic and lockdown have affected mental wellbeing and for some, the concern around accessing food has played a role in that. Mental wellbeing is being affected in those both with and without exiting mental health problems.

That’s why our charity partnership with Mind, SMAH and Inspire is so important to bring communities together to improve mental wellbeing. You’ve already raised an incredible £1m and over the next few weeks you’ll start to see more about our next big fundraising push. Don’t forget, if you ever need someone to talk to about your mental wellbeing, you can call Lifeworks for free using our confidential 24/7 phone number on 0800 069 8854.

I hope you’ll help us back this campaign, engage with your local communities, talk to customers, share the news with your social network and help those going hungry.

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