July 29, 2020

Celebrating Eid

By Abdurrehman Chowdhery, Store Colleague Team Member

Muslims celebrate Eid ul-Adha on the 10th day of Dhūal-Hijjah – the twelfth and final month of the Islamic calendar (this Friday). It’s the second of the two major holidays in Islam and traditionally lasts for four days. The first day of which marks the end of the yearly Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah.

I was blessed with the opportunity to go on Hajj in 2018. I would say that it was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had. The pilgrimage takes place in the month of Dhul-Hijah, the final month of the Islamic calendar and lasts for 6 days. During these days, Muslims who have travelled from all over the world perform a series of rituals to fulfil one of the 5 Pillars of Islam. My journey was not only spiritually intense, but physically and mentally, too. Completing the rituals in 40°C+ temperatures with crowds of over 3 million people is no easy task but there was no greater feeling than having successfully completed one of my religious obligations.

As with all things, the coronavirus has impacted the way Muslims will be celebrating Eid this year. Social distancing will mean the usual community aspect of everyone getting together for prayers and celebrations will be missing. However, the Qurbani – the sacrifice made in remembrance of the test faced by the Prophet Ibrahim – will remain an integral part of the festival. In the UK we usually pay someone to perform the sacrifice on our behalf with the meat being shared in equal parts to family, friends and those in need. You can read more about Eid in this factsheet.

In previous years these 4 days would consist of meeting family and friends and going out for meals –but given the circumstances this year we’ll be celebrating with caution. It won’t be the same but I’m sure we’ll still have a wonderful time. We’ll be having a social distanced picnic with the whole family. It’ll be really nice to see everyone, considering we’ve not had the opportunity to get together since lockdown was introduced. Some mosques that have the resources and space to open safely will do so and this will allow some of us the chance to be in the house of Allah on this blessed day.

Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak!