By Simon Cairns, Head of Drinks

Today, we’ve launched In It Together, our new Co-op Podcast. It’s hosted by Yasmin Evans, Radio DJ and TV personality, with our first episode being all about teetotalism.

‘Sober Curious: Is it time to rethink about our no booze, no fun attitude?’ features myself, Spencer Matthews, formerly of Made in Chelsea and Laura Willoughby MBE, founder of Club Soda. In the episode, we had an open and honest conversation about the terms sober curious and mindful drinking.

Sober curious is exactly what it says – whether you’re totally sober from alcohol or you’re interested in becoming sober. Mindful drinking on the other hand is when people may make conscious decisions not to drink or limit their exposure to alcohol.

Rituals, habits, and the culture of alcohol

We discussed preconceptions about alcohol, and culturally we’re fuelled to believe that drinking a ‘necessary’ part of life. When you go out to a restaurant, how having a glass of wine with your meal is refined and sophisticated or having champagne at a wedding is a necessity. None of these things are true or completely necessary, and as a society it’s almost become the norm to associate alcohol with activities and events, whilst being sober is often considered being different or out of the norm.

We discussed rituals and habits of drinking, and how many people might interact with alcohol daily. Whether it be through end of day rituals to relax after a long day, or maybe social pressures of drinking to keep up with friends. There are many reasons why people drink, often without truly realising or understanding why they do over and above the fact that they may like the taste or how it makes them feel.

We touched on more topics, such as how lockdown might have altered and changed people’s attitudes towards alcohol throughout this period and more, but I don’t want to give too much away!

It was an insightful and interesting conversation between the four of us, and I really hope you’ll consider giving it a listen.

I’ve been involved in the alcohol industry for 16 years now, and I’ve noticed a big cultural shift and changing attitudes towards alcohol especially in the younger generations and those aged under 25. My role at Co-op is to respond to new customer trends and help people make credible and responsible choices that suit their lifestyle.

New episodes every week

I really hope you enjoy listening, and please share your thoughts in the comments or on Yammer about Sober Curiosity and Mindful Drinking. New episodes launch every Wednesday, covering topical subjects that are relevant and important to us here at Co-op.

You can listen by streaming on Apple Music and Spotify, and by sharing the podcasts via Social Hub.

Next week, Yasmin is joined by Helen Carroll, Director of Community Strategy and Activation to discuss the importance of Community.

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  1. Websense is blocking the download and installation of spotify..

    • Hi Alex

      Unfortunately, all streaming websites such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Acast are blocked on the Co-op network. However, you can listen to the podcasts easily on personal devices if you’re interested in the topics!

  2. ive been teetotal all my life
    I have a great time without alcohol save money on cabs as can drive my self home and no drunken surprises in the morning LOL
    some people still don’t understand that you don’t drink and try to encourage it
    I would never tell a non smoker to smoke a fag .
    Im happy I drink soda water all night doesn’t make me boring or miserable

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