Helen Carroll, Director of Community Strategy and Activation

Following on from last week’s first-ever In It Together Co-op Podcast, this time around our episode is all about Community.

‘What’s the true power of community?’ is once again hosted by Radio DJ and TV personality Yasmin Evans, and features myself and Toni Jones – the writer, producer and founder of Shelf-Help.

In this episode, we had such an honest and insightful chat about the importance of community, and the effects the lockdown has had in how we engage with the people close to us and the place we live.

Everyone is better together

During the lockdown working from home, having more time to ourselves and having less choice in what we can and can’t do has led to more people taking the time to check in with their communities. On the podcast, we discussed how the lockdown has led to people becoming more connected with their community and the ways in which we can maintain strong community connections post-pandemic.

We talked about the impact the lockdown has had on communicating with our loved ones and in our communities. This led to a really interesting conversation on how we’ve had to engage with new technologies and what we need to do to ensure our communities embrace this new way of living in the future.

We also touched on so many more topics, such as the positive and negative effects of social media and the great work our Member Pioneers do, but you’ll have to listen and find out for yourself!

It was such an insightful and honest conversation between the three of us, and I really hope you give it a listen. Please be sure to share your thoughts on the episode in the comments or on Yammer, too.

Throughout my time at Co-op, community has played such an important role in what we do and we’ve seen it become even more important to the nation during the crisis. It feels like a great time to reflect on the great things we want to collectively hold onto moving forward, and the issues we want tackle with communities  as we move into the new normal.

New episodes every week

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Next week, Yasmin is joined by Funeral Director Raegan Drew and Malin Anderson, a former Love Island contestant to discuss grief and how to talk about death.