By Niall McCoy, Customer Team Member at Antrim Road

As SmartCash continues to roll out in stores across the country, I was asked by the project team to share my thoughts on the new technology.

I’ve worked at Co-op for over two years now, and we received our SmartCash units last October as part of the first trial.

SmartCash is a brilliant tool compared to the old drop boxes. From my perspective as a CTM, it makes my job easier, safer and more accurate whilst working on the till. Once a bank note is fed into the unit, it scans it, checks it and counts it.  

SmartCash benefits – tried and tested

Two of my personal favourite benefits of our SmartCash units are the counterfeit checking and the note history functionality.

One time, I was given a convincing counterfeit £20 note. I tried to feed it into the SmartCash unit, but it spat it back out which prompted me to double check it. The customer was shocked that it was a fake, but they understood we couldn’t accept the counterfeit note. SmartCash is really a great tool to ensure all accepted money is real and valid.

Another great tool is the ability to check the last ten notes you put into the unit. Human errors happen – on some occasions, I’ve hit or tapped the wrong button on the till screen which calculates the change required for the customer. Luckily with SmartCash, I can check what note I fed into the unit in case I forgot the amount, or a customer queries their change.

There are even more benefits for my managers and other members of the team. As the units count the cash, we have more accurate counts at the end of the day. It also helps us minimise cash handling which has been a real benefit throughout the pandemic.

SmartCash has completely changed the way we work with cash

Being a part of the SmartCash trial was great and it’s helped improve our ways of working with cash in store. During the trial, we did have some issues including a specific Northern Ireland £10 note not being recognised by the unit, but the SmartCash team were on hand to help us solve this problem and now it works like a dream. That’s why being part of the trial helps us work through any kinks so it works perfectly for everyone when it’s rolled out.

Overall, the units have been great. They’ve helped reduce excess cash handling and avoid any potential issues with money. Also, because we don’t have to do as much counting, my managers can spend more time on the shop floor with the team and our customers. To help prepare you for your SmartCash installation, I’d also recommend completing the MyLearning module which explains how the units work and how to manage the new ways of working with cash.

If you’ve had your units installed already, what do you think about them? If you’re still waiting for yours, the SmartCash team would love to know what you’re looking forward to the most, so please comment below with your thoughts.

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  1. I don’t know anything about smart cash.. Are all store going to get this system? I’m down south..
    Sound like a great tool to have in store

    • Hi Susan

      Yes, every store will get SmartCash between now and next May. You may not have heard about it yet as your install may be next year. Have a chat to your store manager as they will have had some details.

      The feedback has been great so far, we know you’re going to love it 🙂

  2. HI, really looking forward to having smart cash installed into our store, know more cash lifts as this is one of my worst jobs, and this will help our store out with miss counting. very happy and cant wait

    • We’re sure you’re going to love it Sarah, we’ve had great feedback so far 🙂

  3. I love the new Smartcash so easy to use and help the managers as they can help on shop floor instead of in the cash office

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