This year’s #BeingCoop awards showcased some truly wonderful colleagues. We’re proud to share the stories of our winners.

Legal Services colleague of the year: Amy Reeves  

By Lydia Jones, Associate Case Manager  

I proudly nominated Amy as she’s fantastic. In her day-to-day role, Amy’s a Case Manager which keeps her incredibly busy. But this isn’t her limit, she’s also taken on a huge amount of additional responsibilities.

Amy is the Colleague Voice rep for the office in Bristol. This involves her meeting with all the departments in Bristol to capture their feedback which she then shares regularly over the phone, in meetings and at 1 Angel Square – which all adds up to a lot of extra time required.

In full support of our apprenticeship scheme, Amy put a lot of effort into creating a presentation which she delivered at welcome evenings at local schools. Making sure she gives back to the community is important to her and she also volunteers at the local food bank.

On top of all of this, Amy somehow also manages to find the time to undertake her Legal Practitioners Course at UWE Bristol. Amy studies part time alongside work, in her training to ultimately become a solicitor. This will help her to continue to improve her knowledge and lead to greater success for her.

While Amy completes all of these additional hours and duties, her every day role hasn’t been impacted at all. She consistently produces excellent quality work and her customer service is fantastic. This is a very well deserved win as Amy is remarkable – congratulations!

Amy Reeves Picture

Members’ Choice colleague of the year:  Alex Mihaes

By Jane Walapu, Colleague Recognition Lead

The Members’ Choice category is a unique one as it consists solely of external nominations our members have made.  Alex’s nomination was remarkable. On behalf of the member, we’ve shared their story:

“Alex is exceptionally helpful. I’m a wheelchair user and I have a serious brain injury following an accident several years ago. This can make me slower than other customers, particularly with things like finding change in my purse, or remembering I have coupons to use and I can’t reach a lot of items in store.

Whilst all staff respond well when I ask for assistance, Alex usually sees me entering and offers to help. He helps with the basket, ensuring that I don’t try to carry too much at once. He gets items that I can’t reach and he always checks when I plan to use fresh produce so he can find the best use by dates for me.

Alex scans everything at the till, reminding me to use coupons and my membership card before he carefully and sensibly packs for me, for example making sure strong smells do not spoil other items. He ensures that my bags are balanced which is really important for safety reasons. Everything that Alex does for me is done in a very friendly, polite manner. Alex always makes me feel like we’ve done the shopping together, not that he’s done things for me. It’s his way of ensuring that all the customers are treated with respect and care.

He’s thoughtful and I believe he really does try to treat everyone as he’d  wish  to be treated.  He’s not patronising and makes the customer feel that their time and custom is valuable. I feel that I’m a valued member of our local community. I live on my own and sometimes the shop assistants are the only people I speak to during a day. If Alex is working I truly feel that the Co-op shop in my neighbourhood is a friend!

The atmosphere is friendly and staff are helpful but Alex’s help and attitude is actually quite extraordinary. Finding an individual who makes me feel as comfortable as he does is exceptional.”

Alex Mihu CS image


You can find the full list of all our winners and highly commended colleagues here.