By Katharine Shipley, Head of Innovation – Delicious Food

Many people switch to veganism and plant-based diets due to different reasons – for health, ethical reasons to general lifestyle changes. We’ve seen huge growths in this market over the past five years alone as people start to evaluate what they eat and where it comes from.

I was really excited to be a part of the In it together podcast this week, as I’m passionate about delicious and high quality food, and I’m really proud of all the amazing vegan products we’ve been able to bring to market recently.

In this episode, I joined Yasmin Evans, chef Rachel Ama and YouTuber Gaz Oakley to discuss what it’s like to be vegan in 2020 and how far veganism has come in the past few years.

Exploring veganism

One of the biggest and most important points we discussed in the podcast was that nobody has to be vegan to enjoy vegan food. If you’re a foodie and love great flavours, there’s a lot on offer that might surprise you.

We understood that many customers are looking for choice and easy access to vegan food. That’s why we developed Gro. If you’re looking for alternatives to help reduce your meat consumption, over 50% of our GRO range is based on meat replacement products. From sausages to burgers, you have the familiarity and comfort of eating products you’re used to with amazing plant-based flavours.

We also talked about other ways in which people can make the switch and how vegan food is much more accessible and attainable than you might think. Rachel suggested a fantastic hack, which was to make your favourite curry or stew with flavours and spices, but instead of using meat, swap it out for a legume or some vegetables instead.

One thing I love most is how people are so creative with their food, and how nowadays you never have to go without or miss your favourite foods. There are alternatives for thousands of products on the market, plus examples of how people use ingenious ways to make traditionally non-vegan food in a completely vegan – like using chickpea water to make meringues. Gaz recently made a BBQ steaks made from watermelon which is a genius and creative way to use food in a new and different way.

There’s something for everyone

Whether you’re a flexitarian like me, already vegan or exploring a change to your lifestyle, I promise there are lots of different ways you can access healthy, delicious plant-based food without sacrificing anything you love. There’s nothing better than exploring tastes and trying something new.

I’d love to know your thoughts about the episode, your opinion about veganism and whether you have any incredible and delicious vegan recipes or products you’ve recently discovered are vegan.

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Next week’s topic is about Fairtrade and whether we know where our shopping comes from, featuring Emily Pearce, Food Policy Officer at Co-op and Tess Ward from Fairtrade.

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  1. Oh dear, not sure how I am going to sleep tonight now after reading your story.

  2. I am Gluten Free for my health. I was disappointed to see the amount of vegan products in shops as opposed to Gluten Free especially at the sandwich and snack chiller.

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