This year’s #BeingCoop awards showcased some truly wonderful colleagues. We’re proud to share the stories of our winners.

Show You Care winner: Billy Davies

By Mike Roast, Area Manager 

Rose Lane store is located near a deprived housing estate in Dagenham. The store had been struggling with some incredibly challenging situations due to local youths who’d been stealing from the store and threatening local people, customers and staff.

The situation came to a head on Halloween 2019 with the youths threatening to burn down the store and ‘do something special’. Despite an increased security presence (which included a security vehicle, two guards and the guarding manager), at least 50 rocket fireworks were fired directly at the store.

In his first appointment as a store manager, Billy took it upon himself to organise a local community meeting to resolve the situation. A range of people were invited to attend including: three local councillors, two policemen, the guarding manager, local shopkeepers, youth club workers, the local anti-knife crime charity, the community pioneer and local residents.

Along with generously providing food and drink for the session, Billy chaired the meeting, facilitated the discussions allowing a plan of action to be formulated and arranged for minutes to be captured.

At the end of the meeting, everyone applauded Billy and his efforts – I was the proudest Area Manager in all the land.

Testament to his hard work, since the initial meeting the youths have caused little to no trouble and the parade of shops has been a safe place for the local community to shop again.

This is an amazing achievement for a relatively new store manager – thank you for everything you’ve done so far Billy.

You can find the full list of all our winners and highly commended colleagues here.

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  1. Billy you are an inspiration to myself and many others and the more our colleagues and members can learn about you and your Coop values the better our organisation and society will be.
    Well Done!

  2. What an inspiring story, thank you for sharing!

  3. Amazing SM and an amazing friend. I would not be here today if it wasn’t for him.

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