By Paul Evans, Product Development Manager

Getting behind the wheel is a rite of passage for many, with over one million 17-25-year olds taking their driving tests annually. Our latest report ‘Beyond the Box’ is the most in-depth study conducted into driving behaviours. By taking part, approx 28,000 UK motorists gave their views and opinions including over 24,000 of Co-op’s young drivers sharing their driving experiences.

When it came to car insurance, the report showed that three in five of these young drivers look to take on a telematics-based device, also known as a black box. These are used to measure driving behaviours when motorists are out on the roads, rewarding or penalising them based on how they drive.

Whilst we should all drive in line with the law, the findings of the report told a different story and some of the statistics were really sad to read:

  • over half of young drivers feel pressured by other motorists
  • a quarter admitted to feeling physically feel unsafe when driving due to the actions of others
  • three fifths of young drivers will be involved in a road traffic collision, yet for many they’ll be found to not be at fault
  • almost a quarter of experience anxiety on the road due to the actions of other road users

In 2011, Co-op Insurance pioneered the use of telematics for Young Drivers, and continuing to build on that history, we now want to raise awareness of the issues they’re facing out on the roads. As a direct response to the findings of the report, we’re launching a nationwide pilot of a pioneering new concept, the T-plate.

Backed by road safety charity Brake and RED driving school, this is a new solution designed to help young drivers feel safer on the road. The plate looks similar to an ‘L’ or a ‘P’ plate and will indicate to other road users that the vehicle is fitted with a black box and so the driver will be driving safely, to the speed limit and in line with the law – something that every driver should do, regardless of the type of insurance cover they have.

As part of the survey, we asked if people would be willing to take part in a pilot and 300 young drivers accepted so they’ll be receiving their T-plates soon. We hope these are the solution to the issues highlighted in our report, and if successful we can look to rollout further.

Watch this video to find out more and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. This is brilliant. thank you! Wish this existed when I passed my test a few years ago. Moving to a new country, new city having just passed the test I struggled to gain confidence and still do on new roads and motor ways mostly due to the fellow motorists. This is a very good initiative.

  2. What a great idea! I’ve been driving for 25 years and other motorists can still make me feel anxious, pressured and unsafe. I hope the T-plate takes off! I’d get one for myself if I could 🙂

  3. Its a nice idea, but I would be amazed if A) Many other drivers actually recognise what it is for and B) if they do, pay any attention – as a driving instructor, I regularly see that appalling way that learner drivers are treated all too often – it is truly shocking! and that is displaying a set of large red ‘L’ plates and a top box.
    However, I applaud your efforts in trying to make a difference for our young people on the road

  4. Just listened to “You and Yours” If this was associated with a simple backward facing camera, it would quickly become recognised as something that encouraged hotheaded drivers to behave responsibly.

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