By Steve Murrells, Co-op CEO

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I’m thrilled to share with you the launch of our new Commitment to Racial Equality and Inclusion.

We’ve talked a lot together about inclusion over the last months. This was a priority for me even before the pandemic hit us. But no one could have predicted how 2020 would open all of our eyes to the shocking inequalities that still exist around us. In particular, the Black Lives Matter Movement has served as an amazing platform for amplifying black voices across the world.  

So we’ve created a set of Commitments, from right across our Co-op, to tackle racism and inequality and kick start a real shift in the way we lead and do business.  

Our vision is to Co-operate for a Fairer World. And we’ll only achieve it if we tackle the issue of racism head on. We have a zero tolerance policy on it. But we need to go further. The act of not being racist, is not enough. So, I’m crystal clear that we’re Anti-RacistThat means that we’ll work to rid ourselves of the inequalities that currently exist in our organisation. And when we see racism happening we won’t stand by. We’ll speak out against it. We’re going to commit our whole business to making this change happen. 

Please read the Commitments below carefully and share them widely.

The hard work starts now in delivering on them. They’re not on the side, or nice to have. Our vision depends on our ability to deliver them!

Here’s one way you can start to help today:

At the moment we know we have over 60,000 amazingly diverse colleagues. We want to give everyone a fair chance when it comes to promotion and opportunities, but we haven’t been able to actively track and monitor progress and reduce inequalities within our internal systems to do this. Until now. It’s really simple, the more information you share about yourself through the MyHR system, the more transparent we can be with our progress on inclusive colleague development. Any data you share is confidential, and we’ll only use it for positive reasons – there’s more information in this video.

We will all need to work together, in big ways and small, to deliver on these commitments and make the world a fairer place. I know we can achieve it together.

Thank you.