By Nicky Phillips, Campaigns and Public Affairs Officer 

Let me start by saying thank you! 

Our Safer Colleagues, Safer Communities campaign couldn’t have got this far without you. A huge thank you to everyone, whether you’ve submitted evidence when the Government called for it, signed a letter or tweeted your MP asking them to help get the Government to respond or bravely shared your story on social media in June. All this has gotten us to where we are now. We have a response to the call for evidence but unfortunately that response fell short of giving us specific legislation to protect our amazing frontline colleague heroes. 

Our colleagues need protection 

Over the last few years, we’ve been working closely with Alex Norris MP. Alex has been championing our campaign and has drafted a Parliamentary Bill, called ‘The Assaults on Retail Workers Bill’. 

On Friday 25 September, there will be an opportunity for this Bill to be debated and for MPs to show their support for it – the more cross- party MPs that support it, the better chance it has for move through to the next Parliamentary stage, which is why we need your help again. 

The Government still does not believe that there is enough evidence to support a change in the law to support Retail Workers, but we do. We know that by using our collective colleague voice, we can share the evidence and continue to raise awareness for shopworker violence. 

What we want you to do… 

  1. Decide whether you want to tweet or email your local MP
  2. Find their twitter details or email address here
  3. If you’re sending an email, here’s some instructions to help and some draft wording you can personalise and send
  4. If you’re tweeting, head over to social hub or simply tag your local MP and ask for their support
  5. Send before 24 September, that’s only 7 days from now! Please do not send after 25 September
  6. Share with everyone you know

Retail colleagues all over the world work hard to keep nations fed. So, you don’t have to work here to show your support. Encourage everyone you know to do this – if you write to your MP, ask your Husband, your Wife, your Mother, Father, Children and friends to do this too – the more voices that are heard, the wider this campaign will reach and the more the Government will see that we need to change the law. 

What we’re doing 

Safer Colleagues Safer Communities is a key campaign for the Co-op and Jo Whitfield has personally written to the Prime Minister this week on your behalf, calling for the Government to support this Bill. A key part of this campaign is knowing we can’t act alone so check back here next week for how Jo has brought together a number of other leading businesses