By Cat Storey, Lead Social Media Manager

Our colleagues are passionate about Co-op and the incredible work we do to co-operate for a fairer world. For years, you’ve been sharing amazing content and news about the Co-op to your social media networks, but the Social Media team recognised it wasn’t always that easy for you to do.

So, in 2019 we launched Social Hub – an online platform where content, news and campaigns are uploaded for colleagues to share directly to their social media accounts. It’s a really simple way you can share approved and curated content directly from Co-op.

Becoming a Co-op influencer

Out of all the grocers online, we are the only one driving positive net sentiment with the conversations that are happening about us and with us. This is amazing and in large thanks to you all! 

Your passion and advocacy for the Co-op on social media does some incredible things for our brand. When you post about Co-op on your social media channels, your post is likely to reach up to 1000 people, and they’ll be 10x more likely to trust the information than if it came from our Co-op account. That’s the power of your word and the information you share.

So, in a way, each and every one of you are a Co-op influencer. The more people we’re able to reach and share our vision with, the more people shop with us, become members which means we can do even more for our local communities. 

Sharing content, winning prizes

The content on Social Hub is updated regularly, with new pieces of content available to share each week. It’s also incentivised with a points system, so you can be in with a chance to win prizes every month just by sharing content. 

There is tonnes of content ready to be shared, with everything from supersavers and deals to recent news updates from our leadership. 

Now that our Membership offer has been relaunched just last week, October is a big month for us. We’d love to see everyone get involved and share the news with your social networks.  

So, for this month only, we’re offering more prizes than ever before, which means more chances to win amazing prizes including £50 on your Co-op Membership Card.

So, if you haven’t already signed up for Social Hub, what are you waiting for? You can sign up by visiting, using your Single Sign On credentials (employee number and the password you use for My Apps). Once inside, visit the FAQ and Toolkits to find instructions on how to share content and get the most out of the platform. 

If you’re already part of Social Hub, we just want to say – THANK YOU! Through the content you’ve been sharing, we’ve already reached over four million people, and that number is only going to get bigger.