By Ali Jones, Customer Director

Our customer and member’s shopping habits have changed significantly in recent months. We’ve seen an increase in hyper local shopping and customers recognise the value of convenience. Therefore we need to remain competitive, offering the right balance of price and quality.

I’m excited to announce two very important investments the Co-op are making to support those who need it most.

The Big Co-op Price Cut

In store today, we’re also launching our Big Co-op Price Cut. We’re cutting our prices on key items, from everyday essential to family favourites – from coffee to pasta.

We’re giving families better value for their money.

  • Co-op 400g Baked Beans down from 40p to 32p
  • Co-op 100G Fairtrade Rich Roast Coffee down from £1.90 to £1.65 
  • Co-op Fusili Pasta Twist down from 66p to 58p 
  • Co-op Pure Vegetable Oil from £1.50 to £1.20 
  • Co-op British / Scottish / Welsh Mince from £2.60 to £2.50 

The average price has fallen almost 15% across 300 products. We’re doing what we can to make the essentials more affordable without the need to travel further. 

Introducing Honest Value

We really believe that everyone should have access to good quality food at reasonable prices. That’s why I’m excited to announce a new addition to brand portfolio, Honest Value. Launching on Wednesday 4 November, we’re bringing over 50 new products to our stores.   

Honest Value is proudly Co-op, and the products in the brand will be true to our sourcing, ethical, and policy standards. Honest Value is not just another value brand that cuts corners to offer lower prices.  It has great prices, with our great values. This means that the eggs are free range, our protein is 100% British, our paper products are FSC certified, and our meat is Red Tractor certified. There are no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives, and everything is Cruelty Free International approved. And of course, we have Fairtrade certified products too.

The products themselves are as good as those found in the market, and they’ll be the cheapest you can find in our stores. The brand features products designed to be perfect everyday favourites, and core essentials.  Here are just a few highlights from the range:

  • Honest Value Spaghetti Bolognese (350g) at £1.25
  • Co-op Honest Value Wafer Thin Chicken (400g) at £1.50
  • Honest Value British Beef Mince (500g) at £1.80
  • Honest Value Orchards Fruit Pack £1
  • Honest Value Toilet Paper (4pack) at £1.25

Honest Value joins our core own brand, Irresistible, GRO and Free From, all of which gives customers a great range of products with excellent value for money to suit all types of lifestyles and budgets. Products will start to appear in store from Monday 26 October, and we will be launching instore POS and some marketing support from 11 November onwards.

Giving our customers more reasons to shop with us

Value is at the forefront of our customers minds, especially in our current climate when every penny counts. By investing in price and making our products more affordable, we’re giving customer access to what they need most whilst becoming more competitive in the market.  

As a colleague member, you get 20% off on all products in Honest Value range plus everything Co-op branded throughout The Big Co-op Price Cuts.

There are some fantastic posts in Social Hub about our new brand and Price Cuts which you can share with your social networks. Please let me know what you think about our investments and on the new brand in the comments below and on Yammer.