By Roni Wilkinson, Assistant Campaign Manager

I hope you’ve been enjoying our Super Saver deals so far. Earlier this month, we had pizza and beer on offer which went down a storm, but now we have something a little different for you.

We have two different Super Savers on offer this time, something we hope you’ll enjoy no matter your appetite.

Firstly, enjoy a classic dinner on us with two Co-op British Ranch Steaks and Co-op Fries for just £4*. If you’re a Colleague Member, you get an additional 20% off the deal which takes the price down to only £3.20.

Because not everyone eats meat, we didn’t want to leave anyone out so we also have a vegan Super Saver alternative. You can grab our Gro Garlic and Chilli Koftas and Co-op Fries for just £3.00, saving £1.50 off the RRP. If you’re a Colleague Member, you can get this supersaver deal for £2.40, saving you even more money.

The Super Savers are available in store now until Tuesday 17 November. Whether you fancy the flavoursome, 14-day matured steaks or the delicious and fiery koftas, we hope you enjoy a cheap night in with this deal.

*Normally £7.50. Fries 250g & 2 steaks 300g. Ends 17.11.20. Participating stores. Picture included is serving suggestion. Subject to availability.

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  1. The kofta supersaver deal is going through the till at £4.00 rather than the advertised £3.00.

    • Thanks for bring this to our attention Gary. The team have investigated and the system has been fixed so the koftas should now go through at the correct price – £3.00

  2. Nice – Thank you 🙂

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