By Lois McClure, Assistant Partnerships Manager

Getting up and getting out is really important for your physical and mental wellbeing. If you’re like me, you might spend the majority of your day indoors without even realising. It’s easy to go straight from home to work, and not get any real quality time outdoors with fresh air.

Co-op are proud partners of parkrun, but unfortunately we’ve not been able to get together and take part in the usual community events. These weekly events were always a great way to get up, out and go – whether walking, running or as a 5k stroll with the dog. But even though many of us can’t get together, parkrun is helping come to the rescue.

Go at your own speed with a (not)parkrun

The wonderful team at parkrun have recently set up (not)parkrun. While all parkrun events are still suspended due to coronavirus, they’re encouraging parkrunners to go it alone (or with people in your bubble) with (not)parkrun. 

This is where you run, walk or jog a 5k route of your own any day / any time, and you’re able to still submit it to your parkrun profile.

We’re also getting involved too. To help entice you into start running (or walking) parkruns again, we have some Co-op merch up for grabs for all colleagues, 

  • After 3 (not)parkruns you’ll receive a free t-shirt
  • After 10 (not)parkruns you’ll receive a free water bottle

I’d really love to see colleagues getting involved and running parkruns once again. It’s a great opportunity to get out and do some exercise, which can really help your mental wellbeing especially during these tough times. 

To sign up, but make sure you’re signed up to parkrun and also our rewards website here

If you do get out for a (not)parkrun, make sure you tweet your photo, using #notparkrun and @coopuk, to be featured on our Photo Wall. We also have a post ready for you to share via Social Hub with your family and friends  to encourage them to get running too!

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  1. I started the couch 2 5k in July this year and completed my first not park run on 14th September! I never actually thought I would run, as I’m not very fit and over weight but I did it and the feeling of achievement is so worth it! I highly recommend having a go at running 🙂

  2. This is a fantastic initiative and with the challenges of the coming months mental wellbeing will be so important ….looking forward to seeing all the fun and activity on the photo wall!

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