By Rachel Docherty, Governance and Compliance  

In my role as an Office 365 Champion I’ve been supporting colleagues in my area, Governance and Compliance. I took on the role at the start of the year. Although progress was slow at first, I’m so happy I’ve stuck at it because it’s been very rewarding.    

Myself and the other Office 365 champions have been working hard over the last 18 months. Our role is to support the roll out of the Office 365 suite of tools and help our teams make the most and get the most value out of them. This is what I’ve been doing in my governance role for the Cloud and Compute team. 

I’ll jump straight to results! One of the things we’ve done in the team is improve our audit performance by making sure our team members have re-read compliance documentation, this needs to be done regularly because IT Security policy shapes how we work, so it’s important the teams are aware of the latest standards. We’ve started to use Forms to capture who’s re-read their documents and use SharePoint views to easily see where we we’re at. This is much better than the ad hoc and untracked approach we used to take. 

It’s been amazing and has helped us put key information in the hands of our management team.  

We’ve also improved our Service Reporting. Service Reporting used to be presented as numbers on a page, which was sometimes hard to interpret and made it difficult to find the results you were looking for. Now, it’s displayed in Teams and shows all the open tasks, incidents and more. Team managers now have a list of priorities and tasks. Putting meaningful data and insights at the fingertips of the management team has not only helped improve our reports but also given us clear priorities to act on, without the need to take time interpreting data.

Lastly, and importantly, we’ve been keeping in touch during the coronavirus crisis. We use Teams to keep in touch as a team and our usual Yammer communities to stay in the loop with our wider colleague network.  

We’re always looking for more champions to join our network, the more champions we have the more teams can help realise the benefits and value of Office 365.  If you’d you like to join our team of Champions let us know, by completing this form.

If you’d like to find more about Yammer, Teams, Forms or any of our Office 365 tools you can find out more on our sharepoint site.

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  1. Well done to you,

    keep on believing and achieving
    Inspiring and desiring
    to gain higher
    in love of what you do
    for the betterment of others
    and the better better you.

    All the best.



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