By Lois McClure, Assistant Partnerships Manager

Coronation Street is celebrating their 60th anniversary this year, and we’re bringing the celebrations to our Food stores.

Since 2018, we’ve been an Official Community Retail Partner for Coronation Street. This partnership has given us some incredible opportunities to not only feature a Co-op store on the show, but also share our love of Corrie with our colleagues and customers. 

Your chance to win an invitation to the Coronation Street 60th Birthday Zoom event

We’re giving ten lucky Corrie fans a chance to win a Zoom call full of fun and games with 5 Coronation Street cast members to celebrate their 60th birthday. If you win, you’ll also get a special hamper to enjoy on while on the call, filled with Co-op festive treats and Corrie goodies

Each winner can also invite one family member or friend to join the call! To tell us more, here’s Anthony Cotton (Sean Tully):

To enter, you have to comment on the competition post on @CoopUK Twitter or Facebook with your favourite Coronation Street moment over the last 60 years. It could be the tram crash that devastated the street 10 years ago, or one of Deirdre Barlow’s many love affairs!

Full details and the T&Cs can be found here. The competition closes on Friday 27 November – good luck!

Bringing a touch of Weatherfield closer to you

You might have already seen and tasted our Coronation Street Coronation Chicken sandwiches available back in September. Did you mange to get your hands on it? It was a tasty blend of British chicken with spiced mayonnaise, mango chutney, spinach and sultanas on onion seed bread.

Since last week, you’ll also find the famous Betty’s Coronation Street Beef Hotpot in stores. Made with minced beef, carrots, onions, swede and peas with gravy and potato, it’s comfort food at its best!

Finally, Coronation Street bags for life are coming back to stores at the end of this month with a limited edition 60th anniversary special! If you missed your chance to grab one back in 2018, now is your chance. But you best hurry, these limited-edition bags will only be sold until December and won’t be sold again!

I hope you enjoy celebrating 60 years of Coronation Street with us. 

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  1. My favourite moment was the 40th anniversary – the live episode and the fact the cobbles (so unique to the street) were threatened. It was also great to see Prince Charles appear in the episode and the return of Peter Barlow to the street. The fact 20 years later the heritage of the Street is under threat is testimony to how great this soap really is.

  2. I was first inspired to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes in TV and film when I began to watch programmes such as Coronation Street Confidential and other film making documentaries.

    This led me to undertake a media course at Stafford college.

    Coronation Street is a Family Show and I have been watching it for the last 20 Years +

    I follow the plots, stories lines and the lives of the characters in the fictional town of Weatherfield..

    I buy magazine’s that features Coronation Street; I also buy the DVD Specials e.g. Romanian Holiday.

    I never miss an episode and enjoy building up my collection of Corrie merchandise e.g The Newton and Ridley Slippers and Books

    I have tried all the corrie pies- my favourite is chicken and leek, I have also tried the Newton and Ridley beer at an event in Manchester.

    I have met some of the cast at various events e.g. Becky ( Katherine Kelly) opened Pound
    Land in my home town – she signed my corrie calendar which she had not seen before!!.

    My earliest Coronation Street memory was the fight between Gail Platt and Eileen Grimshaw over Todd being gay, but having promised to marry Sarah Platt.

    My Favourite current corrie character is Scary Mary/Mad Mary because she won’t take no for an answer where Norris is concerned and this makes for many comic moments between both of them.

    My favourite character of all time was Candice (Nikki Sanderson) as I had a secret crush on her, when I was in Primary school and even sent her a handmade card for valentine’s Day!!!

    My favourite storyline to date was, although it was a very short storyline, Jack’s illness, because of his memories and emotions culminating in Vera’s return to take him to corrie Heaven.

    My favourite baddie was Richard Hillman because he played the part so well, that I had night mares about him.

    I think I am most like Graeme Proctor the butcher’s assistant (Look a bit like him too) I have a quirky sense of humour, am far more intelligent than I first appear and care a lot about those close to me.

  3. My Favourite Coronation Street moment from the last 60 Years was when Gail Platt and Eileen were fighting out on the cobbles.

  4. My funniest memory from a Coronation Street episode was when Reg Holdsworth and Maureen Naylor had sneaked an afternoon of work to go and try Reg’s new waterbed. Unfortunately Derek Wilton had accidentally drilled through the shop ceiling underneath the flat and burst the waterbed. Maureen and Reg were oblivious to the leak until Mavis and Derek saw the leak coming into the shop (thinking Reg was in dead ith the bath overflowing) and banged on the flat door to get to Reg. In a scene of panic Maureen and Reg were slipping and sliding around with no clothes on with a deflated water bed and lots of arguing and screaming between all 4 (makes me laugh every time I see it).

  5. My best sope of year is coronation Street best of all times

  6. I think you should sell these Coronation Street bags online and the proceeds from each sale should go to a local Charity

  7. Hayley cropper exit storyline was my best story line. It brought to light what difficult decisions people and family’s have to make when they are sick.

  8. My favourite coronation street moment has to be the tram crash of 2010! It was so well acted and was the best scenes and set! That was actually when I started watching and became a huge Corrie fan!!

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