By Ben Mcgrath, Operational Forecasting  

While I’m not an official Office 365 champion, I definitely champion use of the Office 365 tools – they’ve made a massive difference to our team and the way we work. Now that we have the right tools including my shiny Win10 laptop, everything is in place. 

My role is very much focused on forecasting stock to make sure we have the right products for our customers. Our team needs to work collaboratively and at speed so we can effectively work with Logistics to plan for the short and long term – we’re spread across ten depots.

Before coronavirus, I spent a lot of my time travelling to depots or chatting over the phone. Teams has really improved things. We have face-to-face remote calls every other week with Logistics and we share our forecasts through Teams rather than email. It keeps everything in one place and the whole team has visibility so we don’t need to worry about missing someone out.  

There are some really practical things that Teams helps us achieve. Screen sharing during a call makes forecasting so much easier. Another great example comes from our Depot Volume Forecasting Team. We use this as a way of communicating anything that impacts all depots so that everyone can receive instant communications. We’ve experienced nationwide stock shortages, thanks to coronavirus, so we use this as a space to address requirements – it saves lots of emails. 

I can’t emphasise enough how fantastic it’s been to get champion support within our team – someone we could rely on to ask or answer questions has been great and we’ve appreciated the help. 

If you’re thinking about becoming an Office 365 champion, get in touch. The team are always looking for more champions to join the network. The more champions we have, the more teams can help realise the benefits and value of Office 365.  If you’d like to join our team of Champions complete this form

If you’d like to find more about Yammer, Teams, Forms or any of our Office 365 tools you can find out more on our Learning site