By Helen Riley, Local Engagement Marketing Manager

Last week, we released our Co-op Christmas advert which was about spreading Christmas cheer with our communities. As part of doing our bit for communities, we also want to thank the amazing people across the UK who’ve gone out of their way to support communities this year. So, we’re also spreading little acts of Christmas spirit.

We’re giving stores £100 to spend on Co-op goodies, treats and products to share with members of their community along with a Co-op Christmas card. Because what’s a better way to say thank you than with chocolate and mince pies?

There are plenty of reasons to spread some joy and thanks this Christmas. We’ve been working closely with community groups and individuals who’ve been supporting access to food, wellbeing and education and employment throughout the pandemic. People have been picking up medicine, shopping for those isolating and have been mobilising coronavirus response groups. And there are many people who might not have anyone at all, so sharing some Christmas spirit to those who might be lonely is just as important.

Best of all, everyone can get involved. Our Member Pioneers are our community connectors and will be working closely with our store, logistics and Funeralcare colleagues to share these little acts.

If you’re getting involved, remember to wear your favourite Christmas hat or jumper and share your donations on Twitter and Yammer using #ItsWhatWeDo. We’d love to hear how you’re connecting with your communities and about the people you are sharing your little acts with. But please don’t take or share any pictures of your recipients. And please remember to follow the coronavirus guidance too which includes using sanitiser and wearing a face covering to help you and our communities stay safe. If you have any questions or want to know more, please refer to the colleague guide here.

I hope you all enjoy connecting with your communities and help share some Christmas joy.

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  1. Well done again amazing work and dedication Proud to be Coop always. :O)

  2. Iv previously sent an email to you nominating a local hero but I forgot to tell you her name so I’m re-applying.. my local hero is called Samantha Turner .. she has worked so hard through the pandemic raising money for our local food bank who have had increased demand because so many people’s circumstances have changed.. she has held bake sales which I can vouch for her cakes are amazing she has run raffles,done bonus balls , consulted closely with the food bank to provide exactly what they need in the run up to Christmas she has once again stepped up to the mark to provide toys nd treats for families who are struggling through no fault of their own her devotion to this cause has certainly been an inspiration to everyone in our community.. I do hope you will consider her for a treat from her local co-op… thankyou Pat

  3. I would like to nominate a local hero for your award .. through out the pandemic she has spent her time raising money for our local food bank who have struggled to cope with demand..and when they said they needed toys and food for Christmas she even carried on raising money to provide gifts for so many struggling family’s she’s also done cake sales to which our community can vouch are beautiful.. she’s what I like to call our amazing local hero who has made a difference to so many lives that have struggled because of the pandemic.. thankyou

  4. This is a fantastic idea .. although we have been doing community work with a difference this year we have still been able to work with our community..our local school has still made Poppy’s for Remembrance Sunday their wasent the usual service but I was happy to lay them along with our shop posy.. they also made Christmas wishes for our Christmas tree something which our customers have really enjoyed to read 🎄.. now they are busy making Christmas cards go a competition we are running with 3 prizes but also the cards come complete with co-op logos on .. I’m sure you will agree they deserve a nice treat from the co-op as a thankyou for still supporting us in the community through difficult times

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