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By Sophie, Community and Shared Value  

I’m a long-standing champion so I’ve been involved in Office 365 for about eighteen months now. When I first became a champion, my team were using Google which meant that we had previous experience of collaborating with others using online tools. However, the switch to Office 365 has definitely helped us work together more easily and collaboratively than we did before.  

The first thing that I did was to work with colleagues to overcome the move away from Google, which was difficult as so many of us were used to working with those tools. I ran briefing sessions to talk to the team about Office 365 and highlighted how it would help us to become better connected with other colleagues across Co-op.   

Next, each team within the department nominated other champions to work with me, and I had regular catch ups with them to make sure that we were all sharing successes and challenges, so we could work well together as a champion network. 

I wanted to help my colleagues with the new tools. I started by instaling Teams, adding people and making sure files were saved so we could collaborate. I added Planner too, which allowed us to assign and track tasks.  

Yammer has also been very useful. We decided to create a community page, so that we could share with colleagues across the business the fantastic work we do in the communities that we serve. It’s great that we can post regular content on Yammer to showcase our activities. This is a popular page and it’s lovely to see so many colleagues involved; I think our posts resonate with the Co-op community ethos. I’d like to remind colleagues to visit our Yammer page (The Community and Shared Value Department) and find out more about what we’re doing across communities throughout the UK. 

When coronavirus happened, we were already set up for success and doing the work ahead made life a lot easier – I don’t know what we’d have done without Office 365. The only change we had to make was around meetings – we still held a lot of our meetings face to face and now we’ve moved to Teams. 

There are loads of benefits to being a champion, I get access to lots of training sessions and supportive materials, as well as a network of fantastic colleagues who share their successes and tips too. 

If you’re thinking about becoming an Office 365 champion, get in touch. The team are  always looking for more champions to join  the  network. The more champions we have, the more teams can help  realise  the benefits and value of Office 365.  If  you’d like to join our team of Champions  complete this form.  

If you’d like to learn more about Yammer, Teams, Forms or any of our Office 365 tools you can find full details on  our  Learning site.