By Christopher Hulme, Senior Strategic Own Brand Manager and Amy Hutchinson, Assistant Content Manager

Sticking to your values shouldn’t cost anyone extra. That’s why we launched Honest Value back in November last year. It’s a value range, staying true to the core values that make Co-op what it is.

100% British, Fairtrade and Responsibly Sourced continue to be at the heart of these products, but without a premium price point.

Today, we’re excited to be able to bring even more Honest Value products to our customers and members, like:

  • Fairtrade coffee for £1.20
  • 100% British whole chicken for only £3.10
  • 100% British beef mince for £1.80 
  • Red Tractor Certified carrots for 52p
  • Fairtrade tea for just 80p
  • 4 responsibly sourced loo rolls for just £1.25

There are 33 new products hitting our shelves this month, and by the summer, we’ll have 99 products in our Honest Value brand in total. 

We want our Co-op to be an accessible, inclusive and convenient place to shop for everyone. That’s why Honest Value is so important for us. The brand allows us to provide a brilliant range of key essential products to suit the needs, requirements and budgets of anyone who needs it.

We’re even working hard behind the scenes to get the Honest Value range into even more stores. The products we launched in November are now in twice as many stores, and there are over 1,000 stores that have 30 or more lines available to purchase.  

We’re incredibly proud of Honest Value, and I hope you are too. We’ve some brilliant posts uploaded into Social Hub that you can share with your family, friends and social networks.