By Steve Murrells, CEO

We’re very clear that at the Co-op we’re anti-racist and the commitments we made to racial equality and inclusion last year underpin this.

As we set up our plans, it was important to me that we had some independent experts around the table to help guide, challenge and support us. And so, we’ve brought together some of the leading minds and activists on inclusion, equality and diversity to create a new Equality and Inclusion Think Tank. 

Together, alongside all of you, we’ll use our collective voice and influence to drive positive change for our customers, members, suppliers, colleagues and communities. You’ll see from this film that they share our passion for inclusion and desire to drive change.

We’ve done some amazing work since the commitments launched back in September, and we’re definitely on the right path. I’ve enjoyed continuing to learn, as i know many of you have. And so this year we’ve ensured that all of the key inclusion events we champion represent the diversity of our colleagues and provide even more opportunities for us all to learn.

And finally, thank you to the 40% of you who’ve completed your diversity data in MyHR. This information is allowing us to start to identify any barriers in place in relation to our people processes right from recruitment through to retirement and ensure fairness – for example, pay and progression.

We’ll continue to share regular updates as we make progress against our commitments.

There’s still more to do and plenty more to learn but for me progress is better than perfection. I’ve always believed that the Co-op is only as successful as the people that work in it and I’m committed to ensuring that at our Co-op, everyone has an equal opportunity to fulfil their potential. 

Thank you.