By Alison Kearsley, Concessions Support Officer, Office 365 Champion

My main role is to support stores, from looking after the home delivery operation and working with the fleet who support the vans that stores use, to allocating coffee machines, supporting stores, working on property-related tasks and engaging with our Coffee Partners.

When we first moved to a more remote way of working, I never switched off. I found myself working into the evening, eating my dinner and then continuing to work – all at the same dining room table!

One of the reasons I was working so late was the sheer number of emails I was receiving. I used to send emails to my entire team and get inundated with responses when people ‘replied to all’. To reduce the number of emails, I’ve encouraged my team to use Microsoft Teams instead. Sending a chat message, or posting to a specific Teams channel, has reduced the number of emails I’m receiving. The ability to @mention specific people means we can target the messages we send.

This has massively streamlined the way we work and allows us to work in a much more agile way. The reduced number of emails means I’m much less stressed and less likely to miss the important things.

Another thing that’s really helped is MyAnalytics. It tells me when I’ve got time to focus on the work I need to prioritise and automatically sets my Teams status to Do Not Disturb. This means I’m not getting distracted by notifications when I’m trying to concentrate. It also told me recently that there are two people I have meetings with regularly and suggested consolidating some of these meetings. This is another super time-saver, which frees up my diary, and prevents me from having back-to-back meetings all day. MyAnalytics is so good I’ve told my team to use it too.

Last year, I often worked extra hours during the week and weekend. MyAnalytics tracks this and tells you if you’ve not been spending enough time away from your laptop. I wish I’d used MyAnalytics sooner!

There are loads of ways we can use Office 365 to improve how we work and our wellbeing. The team are running a campaign on Yammer for the next month sharing hints and tips on how to do this – make sure you follow this Yammer community to find out more and start working smarter.

If you’d like to find out more about Teams, MyAnalytics or any of our Office 365 tools – go to the Modern Workplace Site and the Office 365 resource on the Wellbeing Hub. You can also join the Office 365 wellbeing conversation on Yammer.