By Rosanne Pell, Assistant Partnerships Manager 

We want you to get your competitive shoes on and join us in a mass colleague challenge to help us race around the world

The aim is simple. You have three teams to choose from, and the team that collectively runs, walks or jogs all 1890 parkruns will win. 

If you’re competitive like me, or even just fancy becoming a bit more active and getting your steps in, then this is a great opportunity to get involved with your colleagues and set yourselves some targets to win. I’d love to see colleagues from right across the business getting involved.

All you have to do is sign up, pick your team and get running or walking a 5k. There are three teams to choose from – Team North, Team South and Team Central. You can pick and choose whichever team you want to represent, and then it’s a race to the finish line. 

Sign up now to win big prizes 

There are some great prizes to claim by joining in. By signing up, we’ll send you a free snood you can wear on colder days to keep you warm or use it as a headband on those tough runs. Three registered runs gets you a Co-op running t-shirt, and 10 registered runs gets you a water bottle to keep you hydrated.  

Not only that, but we’ll be giving colleagues prizes as they travel the world map – from free products to exclusive deals and money off in our Food stores. Make sure you’re registered as a Co-op Colleague Member and have the Co-op app on your phone so you don’t miss out!  

Get ready, get set… GO  

This challenge is no easy feat to accomplish. Globally, there are 1890 parkruns – from here in the UK, all across Europe, into Russia, Japan, Australia, South Africa, America and Canada. This competition will virtually take us running all around the world, 5k at a time. 

The more people who sign up to your team, the quicker (and collectively easier) it’ll be to complete the challenge! Click here to sign up if you’re new to parkrun and would like to get involved. If you’re already a parkrunner, log into your parkrun profile, click on groups and search for the team you’d like to represent (Co-op North, Co-op South or Co-op Central).  

We’ve an interactive map to keep track of how well you’re doing, so remember to check back regularly to see how you and your competition are doing. Feel free to take snaps and share your updates on Yammer and social media using #notparkrun to gloat about your progress to your competitors.

If you’d like to get involved but need some running equipment like new shoes, tops or shorts, there are also some great offers available on LifeWorks right now: 

  • 20% off the fitbit range 
  • Upto 40% off Garmin fitness health devices 
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Safety tips and running info 

Please remember to stay safe whilst out running. Be aware of your surroundings, run on pavements or in pedestrian areas (like a park) and keep away from main roads of heavy traffic. We’d also recommend running in daylight hours in public places. 

If you need some inspiration or motivation, don’t forget you can follow government guidelines and meet up with one other person from a different household outdoors (or with six from Monday) – so feel free to get your colleagues involved too.

All that’s left to say now is good luck and on your marks, get set, go!