By The Uplift 2021 team

We hope you’re all enjoying our amazing Uplift 2021 festival. You might not know, but there are more than 50 of us, colleagues from across all our businesses, who’ve collaborated to make the festival the best that it can be to support your wellbeing and raise a smile. 

As the name Uplift 2021 suggests, we want to uplift you all and spread hope for the future as we move back to a more normal life. 

The last twelve months have been challenging, but we’ve pulled together with strength and compassion for each other and continued to serve our communities with kindness and respect. You’ve all been amazing, as have your families and friends who have supported you. 

So there’s more…  we want to say thank you, we want to look to the future with hope and we want to grant your wishes! 

We’ve been working with pupils from Co-op Academy schools to explore what hope means to the young voices in our communities to create our own, unique symbol of hope. 

We know our journeys towards the ‘new normal’ will all be different and we’ll be facing our own personal challenges, but we are very much still all in this together and we hope this symbol can continue to unite us in hope, and bring you inspiration for making a wish of your own.

What can you wish for?

We want to spread a little joy so you can make a wish for yourself, your family, a colleague, or even your local community.

Unfortunately the pot of gold won’t stretch to pay off your mortgage or send you off on the holiday of a lifetime, but we want to bring moments of joy, appreciation and delight to those who matter to you the most. 

Maybe you really want to treat your mum to afternoon tea, maybe you’ve noticed a colleague hasn’t got the technology they need to connect with their family in this virtual world, maybe you would like to bring people together with a couple of new picnic benches in your local park, or maybe you fancy dinner out with friends.

This is your chance to spread our message of hope for brighter days ahead. 

To submit your wish, you just need to complete this form. If you have any questions, please just drop us an email at  

All wishes need to be submitted by Sunday 25 April, so start thinking about how you’d like to spread some joy. We’ve brought together a group of colleagues from across the business, who’ll face the difficult task of choosing where to wave their magic wand. We’ll announce the wishes we’re going to grant in May, when Uplift 2021 continues.

You’ll find all of the information you need here. Feel free to print this out and pin it up in your store, Funeralcare home, office, or depot, so that as many colleagues as possible get the chance to submit their wishes. 

That’s it from us. It’s time for you to get wishing! 

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  1. This is absolutely amazing and such a wonderful thought from the coop just brilliant!

    Proud to be coop


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