As a Co-op Member, you can have a say in shaping our products and services through Join in opportunities

Every month we have lots of brilliant Join In opportunities that we invite our members to take part in, and it’s great that we always have so many of our colleague members joining in too. This month you can help design a new soft drink, talk to us about climate change and voting, sign up for our online wine event and join our ‘around the world’ step challenge. Here’s a round up of what we’re looking forward to over the next few weeks. Please sign up and take part! 

Refreshing drinks 

Smoothies, juices, shakes or hot? Tell us about your favourite drinks and help our product team think about how it develops our Co-op branded range. You could win £50 of Co-op shopping vouchers (T&Cs apply). 

What’s your style? 

What’s on your plate? 

We know that we can each play our part in protecting our planet by choosing a sustainable and healthy diet and would like to find out more about what you eat and why? You could win £50 of Co-op shopping vouchers (T&Cs apply). 

Spill the beans 

What kind of voter are you? 

Help us to understand what votes you get involved in and why, as our 2021 Co op AGM motions and elections voting gets underway. You could win £100 of Co-op shopping vouchers (T&Cs apply). 

Share your thoughts 

Raise a glass to Malbec 

Celebrate Malbec World Day by joining our wine team and producers at an online event on Thursday 15 April at 7pm. Hear more about these Argentinian reds and put your questions to our experts. You could win one of eight bottles of Malbec (T&Cs apply). 

Book your place for the facts.

Get fit, get stepping 

Staying active is our members’ top priority for wellbeing. Join the thousands of members who have already signed up for our 80 day ‘around the world’ challenge and get stepping. 

Step up to the challenge