By Richard Dennett, Category Buying Manager (Bakery) 

We’re a convenience store, that means our customers often come into our Co-op for their ‘top up’ shop. Essentials like bread are the ‘bread and butter’ (it had to be done) of our offer. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about a new partnership that we’ve baked up with Warburton’s and Jackson’s Bakery for Co-op stores in Great Britain.  

This partnership will see us relaunch our own-brand bread offer, with fresh recipes across our range which will be supplied by Jackson’s Bakery. For our branded breads, customers will benefit from a bigger range of Warburton’s products, the lines previously supplier by Allied Bakery (like Kingsmill branded lines).  

It’s not just about products, this partnership will make us more efficient and give us more flexibility.

‘A day in the loaf of’ bread 

That humble loaf in your bread tin, like all of us, has a story. For customers, buying a loaf couldn’t be simpler – that’s exactly how it should be. But the process to get bread on our shelves has to be planned and executed with precision to make sure we’ve got enough for all our customers every day.  

This partnership changes things behind the scenes, particularly in how we get products to store (logistics). On top of expanding their range across our store, Warburton’s are investing in our Co-op to build a logistics network that’s fit for the future and more efficient. In practice, that means our stores can get all their daily bread stock in a single delivery. 

You can see the intrepid journey our bread makes in our ‘day in the loaf of’ video, that’s been prepared by Warburton’s.  

Sowing the seeds  

This is the kind of change you make maybe once in a decade, so we’ve been really careful about selecting the right partners.  

We’re really proud to be doing this with Warburton’s and Jackson’s Bakery, two British family brands who’ve each been serving up our favourites for over 150 years each. In fact, between the three of us, we’ve been feeding the nation for nearly 500 years. Our buns couldn’t be in safer hands! 

We know this new partnership will give us the availability, flexibility and quality that our customers value. This keeps us bringing delicious British bread to our shelves at a fair price, just what our customers need.  

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  1. I was 7 years at Warbies so know all about the huge commitment they make to the quality of their products and brand. It’s a great move for Co-op and sits really well with our quality focus and food values. Well done to Sinead, Richard and the team – I’m quite sure there has been a huge amount of work to get this over the line

  2. Well done to all involved!

  3. So disappointing to see all of the wrapping was plastic!

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