By Nick Speight, Head of Hire to Retire 

You’ll know from the news that the UK’s coronavirus vaccination programme is well underway. The programme is rolling out in order of those most at risk, with everyone being invited to have their first dose by the end of July. 

Over 30 million people have already had their first jab, and 10 million have had both doses, which is great news as it means we’re ever closer to getting our lives back to normal. I’m sure many of us have already been enjoying our first taste of freedom with family and friends recently. I certainly had my jab as soon as it was offered, and I have everything crossed for a much-needed family holiday at some point this year. 

We know that having the vaccine is a personal choice and that there are theories circulating online that may make people nervous about whether it’s effective or has been tested well enough. You can find out the real facts about the vaccine from reputable sources such as the NHS, who are clear that this vaccine has met the same standards of clinical trials and safety checks of any other vaccine or medicine.  

Many of our Co-op colleagues have already had the vaccine to protect themselves and those around them. Take a look at this short video with some of our colleagues saying why they personally had the vaccine. 

Having the vaccine is the best way to keep yourself, your family, and your colleagues safe and will keep virus rates down, meaning we can all get back to doing the things we love to do and know that we’re safer at work. So, it’s really important that we all have the vaccine as soon as we’re eligible. 

Doctor Amir Hanan recently came in to talk to our Rise network about a number of things, including general information about the vaccine and some myth-busting, as we know Black and Asian people are less likely to take up the vaccine, but his advice was great for all of us.   

Although the vaccine is a personal choice, I believe it’s important we all do our bit for the greater good. I’ve had mine so that I can begin to live a more normal life, to not be afraid of hugging friends and family and to be able to do the things I enjoy again. The last year has taught us that these are the things that really matter most in life, and I hope that by being vaccinated, none of us will have to live a year like this ever again. 

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  1. This is a great article, & I agree that even if you are not considered vulnerable to the Virus (i.e. because of your age) that the Vaccine is a great thing to have to not only protect ourselves, but those around us & society as a whole – the less chance we give this virus to mutate the better 👍

  2. Back in Oct I got the dreaded thing, ive had the vaccine 2nd one on Friday, for me no side effects other than a tender arm and a bit tired

  3. Well said Nick, my wife is a practice nurse and has been involved in the rollout since Day1. She spends her days myth busting with patients and would encourage everyone to have the jab!

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