By Samantha Tweedale – Supplier Relationship Manager

In December 2020 Co-op launched a partnership to plant trees with Ecosia, the award-winning green search engine, which has so far planted over 124 million trees in biodiversity hotspots around the world. I was so pleased to hear that since the launch, Co-op colleagues have planted approx 13,000 trees.

How does Ecosia work?

Ecosia is a green, privacy friendly search engine that uses 100% of its profits from advertising revenue to fight climate change. At least 80% go towards planting trees in biodiversity hotspots and areas affected by deforestation. Each search with Ecosia also removes roughly 1kg of CO₂ from the air.

We made Ecosia Co-op’s default search engine across more than 14,000 Co-op devices. Each colleague can now track the number of searches they’ve done, that contribute towards tree planting and the small but valuable contribution they’ve made to fighting climate change, just by searching using Ecosia.

Co-op is the first major UK retailer to plant trees with Ecosia, and it’s largest UK partner and supporter. Find out more about how Ecosia works here.

Where have the trees been planted?

Ecosia prioritises tree planting in biodiversity hotspots and areas where planting trees will improve biodiversity and enrich the soil for farmers. It’s currently planting across 26 countries across the globe, ranging from Brazil, to Australia and Indonesia. Watch this video to understand more about the importance of forests and Ecosia work’s to protect them.

Among the 49 locations Ecosia plants in, Co-op’s trees will go towards:

  • restoring the home of the last remaining chimpanzees together with the Jane Goodall Institute in Uganda
  • regreening the desert in one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change, northern Burkina Faso and southern Mali
  • planting native trees with smallholder farmers in Rwanda
  • protecting endangered species in Brazil
  • providing alternatives to palm oil in Indonesia

Last year, Ecosia also launched its first tree-planting project in the UK. To show our appreciation for NHS key workers in the pandemic, Ecosia users funded the planting of over 2,000 trees outside of UK hospitals, including Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. The trees have already started going in the ground and will improve access to green spaces, which will support the long term mental and physical wellbeing of NHS key workers and patients whilst also providing cleaner air for local communities. You can find out more about where, why and how Ecosia plants trees here.

I’m always proud when I hear of the great work going on across Co-op to improve sustainability or tackle climate change, but the work we’re doing with Ecosia is especially exciting to me as it’s such a simple way we can all make a difference, with each little search contributing to something much bigger.

By using the default search engine when you use microsoft edge on Co-op devices you’re contributing to our treeplanting but you can also download the Ecosia extension and mobile app to make even more of your searches and trees count towards to Co-op total.

Thank you to everyone who’s used Ecosia and helped us reach this milestone.

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  1. ‘Each colleague can now track how many trees they’ve planted’ How can we do this and find out?

    • Colleagues at Co-op can roughly track their impact with Ecosia using the individual tree counter displayed on the search results page. The figure in this counter represents the number of searches they’ve done.

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