By Lois McClure, Assistant Partnerships Manager 

We’re so excited to share our Co-op stores will once again pop up at festivals across the UK this summer and we need colleagues to man the tills, keep the shelves stocked and help customers have fun. If you’re on the fence, here’s what our former Co-op colleague festival crew had to say about their experience.

Name: Rebecca de Torre
Role: Food Store Manager at Fulwood, Sheffield
Festivals: Download, Glastonbury, and Reading
Favourite music: Mainly indie type music, but as long as it’s live, I’ll listen to anything! 

It’s an amazing experience that I don’t think is possible to put into words. I keep telling people, “until you’ve been, you don’t understand how good it is working for the Co-op at festivals”. It’s fun, you meet so many new people from different parts of the business and you have time to bond and connect with them. 

It’s hard work but rewarding at the same time. Seeing the shop booming with music and the hustle and bustle of customers, it’s just out of this world. Yes, a week living in a tent can be testing, but I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Name: Chloe Butler
Role: TCW Manager
Festivals: Download, Glastonbury, Latitude, Belladrum and Reading (and Leeds 2018)
Favourite music: Anything from 90s trance to rock! 

I’ll be honest, for those used to home comforts, nice beds and home cooked meals; working and sleeping in a field for five days can be a shock to the system, but it’s such an amazing experience! It’s hard work too – physically and mentally – but worth every second. 

Name: Rachel Whelan
Role: Store Manager at Thurcroft, Rotherham
Festivals: Leeds
Favourite music: Any dance music!

I went not knowing anyone, which was a bit scary as some of my team had worked at previous festivals and I hadn’t before. But I felt so included and everyone helped me on my first day, which put me at ease. 

I’d tell other colleagues to go for it! Whether you’re nervous about going alone or don’t know what to expect, you end up being a little family with your team. It’ll be best the best week ever but be prepared to work hard and be amazed by how busy the shop gets. It’s a great way to meet people – not just from store but also from all over the country! I loved every bit of it.

Name: Mark Laker 
Role: Member Pioneer 
Festivals: Leeds and Glastonbury 
Favourite music: Indie, rock and pop! 

The time that I’ve spent at festivals has been amazing. Not only did I get to see the music I love, but I met colleagues from all areas of the business. Many of these colleagues have now become friends for life!

The work is hands-on but rewarding. You’ll gain lots of new experience and you’ll be showing the best of Being Co-op to a whole new audience! Whichever part of the business you’re in, don’t be afraid to apply. You will bring skills that’re really helpful and the experience is often a new one for so many colleagues – so you’ll never feel alone. You will honestly have the best time there. 

Apply now

If you’re enthusiastic and passionate about Co-op and music, we’d love to see you join us at our festival stores. Applications are open to every colleague who works at the Co-op.

I’d like to encourage anyone to apply this year no matter your background, job or age – don’t be afraid to try it out. We’re looking for a diverse group of people and if you have a passion for Co-op and are willing to work hard, please apply.

You have until 26 May to apply, and we’re aiming to let you know the outcome of your application around mid-June. 

If you have any questions, we have a regularly updated FAQ on our Festivals Colleague Site, you can talk to us direct on our Festival Recruitment Yammer or email us at

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  1. Couldn’t agree more, I did Leeds in 2019 and had the best time ever! Friends made for life, we even had reunion in Manchester in the December.Such fabulous memories and would do it all over again in a heartbeat

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