By Jennifer Bowden, Product Manager

Co-op’s Local Community Fund is currently open for applications to community groups across the UK that are helping people access food, improving people’s mental wellbeing or providing opportunities for young people.

This year, for the first time, when causes apply to be a part of the fund they’ll benefit from Co-operate, our online community centre. They’ll be able to come together, gain help and support from like-minded people and causes regardless of whether their Local Community Fund application is successful. This is an exciting development which shows the power of co-operation beyond funding. 

We believe that more connected communities are more empowered to ‘Co-operate for a fairer world’. We know that it can be difficult for people to make things happen locally. There are plenty of online tools, but they aren’t connected or easy to use.

Co-operate is the one place to make good things happen in local communities, it connects people in and across communities with one another. 

Hear from local groups already using Co-operate and how it’s helping them to support their own local communities: