By Melissa Hancock, Marketing Communications

Since launching in November 2019, Social Hub has continued to go from strength to strength. Each month, more and more content is uploaded, with messages around membership and in store deals just some of the most popular content being shared by colleagues to their social media accounts. These being shared by colleagues has helped us to spread Co-op news and updates far and wide, so we we’d like to start by saying a huge thank you to the colleagues who have been actively logging in and sharing content.  

Last month, the Social Media team invited users to share their thoughts and feedback on Social Hub. This feedback is essential in helping us deliver a platform that colleagues enjoy using and has helped shape this very exciting update, so thank you to everyone who responded to the post.

From June, there’ll be 12 prizes to won by colleagues each month, which means more chances for more colleagues to win!

Two of these will be awarded to the colleagues who achieve the highest ‘reach’ (number of people in their network who see the content) and the highest number of ‘engagements’ (number of likes, comments and shares the content gets) each month. They’ll be awarded £30 on their Co-op Membership Card each.

The other prizes will be awarded in a Tier system:

Tier 1: Users who earn 100+ points have 5 chances to win £20 on their Co-op Membership card 

Tier 2: Users who earn 50 – 99 points have 3 chances to win £10 on their Co-op Membership Card

Tier 3: Users who earn 10 – 49 points have 2 chances to win £5 on their Co-op Membership Card

For example, if you earned 75 points in a month, you would fall into Tier 2 and be entered into a random prize draw to win 1 of 3 £10 credit on your Co-op Membership Card.

We’re also changing the actions that earn users’ points:

Logging in = 1 point

Sharing content = 5 points 

Having content approved = 10 points (this function is currently unavailable, so stay tuned for updates on this coming in July!)

If you want to find out more, head to

And finally, to celebrate the launch of the new prize mechanics, this month we are giving away an additional prize to Social Hub users. Anyone who earns over 15 points this month will be entered into a random prize draw to win one of five boxes of brand-new Brownie M&Ms! Keep them to yourself or share them with your friends or family – there are plenty to go around!

If you still haven’t signed up and logged into Social Hub now is the perfect time! Having issues logging in? Check out the FAQs here.

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  1. So how do you log in. Downloaded the app. Can’t use my hr password. Directs me to Microsoftonline. But what account is that?

  2. It’s very well being given the chance to win tickets to one of the music festivals but why do I not see in the list the Download Festival

    • Hi, the official Download Festival was cancelled this year. There is a test pilot being run by the government, but Co-op aren’t involved in this.

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