By Ellie Makinson, Partnerships Team

Our partnership with Neighbourhood Watch was born through a joint vision of a society where neighbours come together to create safer, connected and more active communities. The Co-op Insurance based partnership went live in 2018 and has grown from strength to strength ever since, with highlights including the Neighbour of the Year winner being announced on The One Show and the Croods 2: A New Age treehouse competition launching at the start of this year. 

We’re supporting Neighbourhood Watch Week, which runs from Saturday 5 June up until Friday 11 June – and this year it’s even more relevant because the coronavirus pandemic has taught us that neighbourliness and community spirit is just as important as ever. So the next seven days are a timely opportunity for us to build on the existing and new neighbourly relationships formed throughout the pandemic, and a time for us to build on the connections we’ve made before and during lockdown.

The theme for Neighbourhood Watch Week this year is ‘LISTEN. TALK. DO!’ with your community, and through the partnership we’ve created some great tools and resources to help you raise awareness in your local area. Neighbourhood Watch are offering a range of online and face-to-face activities for you to engage with individually and as a community. Check out all the resources and activities which are available at

I’ll definitely be taking part… starting tomorrow when I’m out walking my dog! I’ll be listening to a podcast with John Hayward-Cripps, CEO of Neighbourhood Watch, who’ll be giving insights on how to look out for your community. I’ll also make sure I let my elderly and isolated neighbours know that I’m thinking about them and that I’m there if they need me, by printing off an Every Mind Matters Postcard and dropping it through their letterbox.

I hope you’re able to get involved across the week to show your support for this important partnership using the hashtag #LetsStayConnected on social media. The Neighbourhood Watch Network will be sharing posts on social media throughout the week – so like me, why not check them out on their Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn pages and share our posts in support of the week?

Here’s a handy summary of some of the ways you can take part. I’d encourage you to use these resources as you see fit within your community – but always within coronavirus government rules:


  • take part in the Big Lunch and listen to your neighbours
  • listen to a Podcast on looking out for your community (details to be updated via the Podcast link on 5 June)
  • listen to the needs of your community by running a Listening Campaign
  • listen to a Crime Prevention Webinar to stay ahead of the game



If you’d like to find out more on how you can do good things in your community, visit our Co-operate website.