By Ethan Laffy, Member Proposition Support Officer  

Colleague members can get even more from Co-op Membership on the Friday and Saturday after every payday.  

Just scan either your blue or digital card through the Co-op App over the two days and get *20% off the non-Co-op branded products in your basket.  

Remember, colleague members get 20% off Co-op branded products all year-round. It’s the usual 10% discount on other brands that increases at these events.  

Great deals 

The sun is due to leave us this week, but that doesn’t mean we can’t eat ice cream! Especially when a box of Extreme Salted Caramel White Chocolate Cones is just £1.60

Close your eyes and imagine (really hard!) you’re at the seaside with a bag of Whitby Seafoods Jumbo Scampi for £2.  

Breakfast in bed? Why not. You can pick some Milk Chocolate Kelloggs Krave for £1.60, or McVities Toasting Waffles for just 80p.  

Still not done treating yourself? We don’t blame you. Grab a box of Maltesers for £2.40.  

Even more savings for colleague members  

Remember, through the Co-op App and online you can choose weekly offers for money off the things you buy most in our food stores.  

Being a colleague member also gives you access to extra offers and discounts across our family of businesses all year-round like money off wills, car insurance and funeral plans with Co-op Legal Services, Insurance and Funeralcare.  

Stop by the new colleague membership page for the latest news and details of the extra perks available exclusively to colleague members.  

If you aren’t already a member, make sure you join as a colleague so you don’t miss out on your added extras, before downloading the Co-op App.  

*Colleague membership policy applies.  

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  1. Hey,
    How do I go about registering my standard membership card as a colleague card?

    • Hi, you can become a colleague member by converting your existing membership into a colleague membership by calling 0800 023 4708.

    • Hi. I updated my one today. They are really friendly and helpful and they also ordered me a partner’s card.

  2. i enqired about car insurance in November and as told by the assistant that Coop employees no longer got discount as the insurance broker had changed.

    • Hi – we believe colleague discounts are in place for car insurance, but the transition of underwriters may have caused some confusion – we’re sorry about that. Please contact and they’ll be able to advise you further.

    • co-op car insurance quoted me over £800 , my renewal price was £286 so even if we did get it discounted they can keep it

      • Thanks for getting a quote, sorry to hear we weren’t competitive for you this time. We work hard to provide the best prices we can for our colleagues and customers, but appreciate we won’t be the right choice for everyone.

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