By Jo Whitfield, Food CEO

Our ‘Co-operating for a fairer world’ vision looks to make things fairer for our colleagues, our members and communities and the planet. 

This year, we’re making things fairer for the planet by setting out an ambitious 10-point climate change plan, taking action on our plastic packaging and going further with our commitments on responsible sourcing. 

As part of our action on plastic packaging, today we’re launching a new in-store collection scheme for soft plastics. 

Shoppers will now be able to recycle ‘scrunchable’ plastic film quickly and easily. Doing our bit to tackle plastic pollution, this gives customers an easy way to dispose of soft plastics that aren’t currently collected by all UK councils. 

In-store collection points will accept all types of clean, ‘scrunchy’ plastic film. This can be from any brand or retailer including: 

  • Plastic carrier bags
  • Lids from ready meals
  • Yoghurt pots
  • Chocolate, cake and biscuit wrappers
  • Fruit and vegetable flow wrap 
  • Toilet roll wrapper 
  • Wine box inners 

You can find your nearest scheme here.

I’m so excited to be able to share a preview of our amazing TV ad that will be launching this evening during Coronation Street. A huge thank you to Ealing Pitshanger Lane store, Katie Heaps, Gurmit Chahal, Mustafa Mohammed, Mark Shadwell and everyone else who helped create our campaign. 

You can support our campaign by heading over to our Social Hub to share materials with your family, friends and followers. 

Clean it, Scrunch it, Co-op it! 

To help customers understand the recycling scheme, we’ll be asking them to Clean it, Scrunch it, Co-op it. This messaging will feature on in store signage and other marketing in and around our stores. 

Flimsy plastic film has long been a problem and people are rightly confused as to whether it can be recycled or if it should go straight in the bin. Plastic bags and wrapping make up a quarter of all plastic packaging bought today but only four per cent is recycled. These plastics are lightweight yet bulky, and with few local authorities collecting them, it’s frustrating for people at home to fill their bins with unrecycled packaging.

Co-operating for a Fairer Planet

We know we can’t change the world on our own, which is why we’ll be sharing insights from our soft plastics recycling work with other brands and retailers.

You’ll see others launching similar schemes and by working together we hope we can demonstrate to government that film recycling is possible and can be made financially viable. We’ll also be adding our Co-op voice to the current consultation on changes to waste collections.

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  1. Good news. Where can i do it near me? FK15 9AT

  2. What a great idea. This way we can all do our bit to help the environment.

  3. This is brilliant, different regions take different types of plastic, this makes it so easy to help the environment, such a brilliant idea from the Coop and one ‘easy do’ and in helping the world, gives you the great feeling of doing something.

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