By Melanie Beese, Application Engineer

Since the rollout of Office 365 in 2019, Microsoft Teams has made a massive difference to the way I work, particularly since the pandemic and in all honestly, I couldn’t cope without it!

How do I use Teams to support me? 

I find the live captioning within Teams meetings is really helpful and use it regularly because I can not only see and hear what’s being said, but who’s saying it too. You can find out how to turn this feature on here.

I also find that having the option to text chat throughout meetings is useful as it allows me to contribute easily by adding my thoughts throughout the session without interrupting people. 

Next steps

I’m excited to start using the new text to speech features within Teams as well as testing the immersive reader to support this. 

Help is available

If you have any kind of disability which is hampering the way you work, I encourage you to reach out to the Colleague Success team.

I found it really useful having a chat with someone to discuss the ease of access settings within Windows 10 and the settings you can change/use across Office 365. 

A few tips that I can share are:

  • Pinning participants in a video call if you need to focus on a particular person
  • Spotlighting colleagues who are presenting so they take over the screen
  • Pinning the accessibility bot in Teams to learn more about the available features

More information

For more information about how you can manage accessibility settings in O365 or for guidance, visit our Accessibility site

You can also sign up to the next Office 365 Accessibility webinar on 19 August 3-4pm or Accessibility – Neurodiversity on 23 September 2-3pm.