By Charles Offord, Managing Director of CISL

Co-op has been providing insurance to our members and customers for over 150 years, protecting the things that mean the most to them. We’re no longer responsible for underwriting our insurance products and this has provided us with the opportunity to focus on our customers, members and the co-creation of products, with the ambition of offering better quality products to more of our members and colleagues over time. 

You might not have tried us for a while, but lots has changed and we’re now starting to see products that reflect our Co-op, with excellent prices and services to match. Take a look below at what we have to offer. 

Did you know? When colleague members call they get 15% off Co-op Car Insurance 

Our car insurance now has wider cover too. We’ve also recently introduced an online portal where you can store all your relevant car insurance documents in one place. If you prefer to have the documents sent out then don’t worry, we still have that option too. 

There’s a perception that third party fire and theft cover is cheaper than our fully comprehensive car insurance. This isn’t always the case as drivers who have taken a lower level of cover tend to make more claims, which drives up the cost of these policies. For many, comprehensive cover can cost the same or even less than third party cover, with the added bonus that your own car will be covered for damage. 

Did you know? When colleague members call they get 25% off Co-op Home Insurance 

Co-op has been recognised by Consumer Intelligence as one of the most trusted brands in home insurance as well as car insurance in its latest awards. Moving away from underwriting our products has meant we’ve been able to work with our partners to invest in our home product to give you even more personal possession cover. 

Did you know? Colleague members get 10% off Co-op Travel Insurance 

The last 18 months has shown us more than ever there is a need for travel insurance. In light of this, we’ve changed our product to include emergency medical and cancellation cover for coronavirus, giving customers greater reassurance when buying travel insurance.

You also don’t need to go abroad to benefit from travel insurance. With restrictions still in place for international travel, you may be considering holidaying in the UK and travel insurance will cover UK staycations.

Did you know? Colleague members get 20% off Co-op Pet Insurance every year 

We’re constantly reviewing our products to see how we can bring our colleagues and customers more value and in 2022, we have really exciting plans for our pet product. Currently we offer two levels of cover so you can choose the one that suits your needs and if you have more than one pet we have multi-pet discount for every pet that you add to your policy.

If you have pets, insuring them when they’re young is a great idea as they’re less likely to have pre-existing conditions, which don’t tend to be covered by most insurers. Bear in mind that the older your pet is, the likelihood the premium will be higher. 

Did you know? Colleague members get 10% off Co-op Life Cover for the term of the policy, and receive an exclusive price of our Over 50 policy 

We’ve introduced a funeral benefit to our Over 50 product which means you can use the pay out from the policy to help pay for your funeral. We’ve also upgraded the online journey making it easier and simpler to get a quote and buy.

It’s a good time to consider life insurance when you reach certain milestones in your life, such as buying a house and starting a family. Life insurance gets more expensive the older you are, so, for the same monthly payment, you’ll get more cover if you buy before your next birthday than if you buy after! 

Features of each of our policies are subject to limitations and/or exclusions so please check the policy documents for further details. Offers and discounts apply to core product cover only and excludes optional extras.

When you choose Co-op Insurance, you’re co-operating for a fairer world. This is because when you buy Co-op Insurance we:

  • use money from your policy to fund Neighbourhood Watch Schemes across the UK, helping you and your community look out for each other
  • fund environmental projects all around the world to help reduce Carbon emissions, making our world a cleaner place to live
  • work with Brake – the road safety charity – because we support their vision of a world with zero road deaths and serious injuries making roads safer for our communities. We provide road safety advice to secondary school students to raise awareness of road dangers and help keep them safe near roads

So, if you haven’t tried Co-op Insurance or haven’t for a while, why not have a look at the brilliant discounts that are available to colleague members here. And don’t forget to tell your family and friends about us.

If you aren’t already a member, make sure you join as a colleague so you don’t miss out on offers and discounts across our family of businesses all year-round.