By Sandrine Coatleven, Lead Technical Delivery Manager, Colleague Success Team

Over the past four weeks, we’ve been focussing on the accessibility features available within Office 365 and how they help to support our colleagues.

As a business, when we’ve talked about the great features Office 365 has to offer, we’ve tended to focus on improving collaboration and communication – especially as we worked our way through the global pandemic. But, the focus on accessibility is also really important to us and can be fundamental to how people work in this digital era.

One of the reasons we chose Office 365 as our Digital Workplace technology, was because the accessibility features available within it can provide great support to all colleagues. It also helps that Microsoft, a world leader in software technology, are constantly evolving the platform to continually roll out new accessibility features. And, as work stream lead, this was really important to me to see the continued evolution of these features.

Over the past four weeks, It’s been really rewarding to have heard from several colleagues who have been sharing tips, holding training sessions and talking about how they make use of the Office 365 accessibility features. You can read their stories here:

The great thing about Office 365 is that there are so many more features available within the software that we haven’t been able to talk about – there’s that many that we haven’t even scratched the surface! You can find out more about them here.

We genuinely want all of our colleagues to benefit from the tools we provide so for me it’s been great for to see how this focussed campaign has reached so many colleagues. The feedback we’ve received has been amazing and lots of people have found it really beneficial.

Additional help

If you missed any of the communications that were shared, you can find Top Tips on the Colleague Technology site, visit Colleague Stories to read how our colleagues are using O365 and rewatch training sessions on the Colleague Technology site.

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If you need any further support on the accessibility features available within Office 365 or just a friendly chat with someone who might be experiencing similar things to yourself, join the Represent Yammer community.