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CEO Winner: Nelle Walsh – Trade and Improvement Response Manager, Group Support Function

Nelle’s been a pioneer when it comes to driving the diversity and inclusion agenda across the Retail Support Centre (RSC). In an endearing yet subtle way she’s been relentless in making sure this very important subject keeps a prominent place on the agenda.

Nelle was instrumental in pulling together a calendar of events across 2020 and 2021, highlighting all religious and cultural events along with interesting facts and information that she shared with not only her team but in wider department huddles. 

Thanks to her hard work, celebrations that may have previously gone unnoticed are now key events meaning that irrespective of culture or religion the RSC team can appreciate (and celebrate) these events together.

Nelle’s desire to increase inclusivity didn’t just stop there though. Presenting to large groups of people was something Nelle previously found uncomfortable, but she stepped outside of her comfort zone to further her D&I work and develop herself. Nelle has worked hard to build this skill and has gone on to successfully present to large groups on a regular basis. 

Nelle knew she wasn’t alone with her fear of delivering presentations so took it upon herself to take action to help others. She set up a development group specifically for colleagues who wanted to improve their presentation skills. Making sure there was plenty of opportunities to practice along with arranging for experts to join and talk to the group. 

There are now a group of ‘graduates’ from Nelle’s group who regularly present in public – they wouldn’t be there without her support. 

Colleague Choice Winner: Helen Lawson – Lead Content Designer, Funeralcare

In Funeralcare, Helen has changed the way we talk publicly about death, bereavement and grief publicly, bringing a down-to-earth and reassuring tone of voice to thousands of clients.

Helen once trained to become a Funeral Director and is passionate about changing the conversation around death, dying and grief. She’s seen as an expert on this throughout the industry and is frequently asked to talk at conferences and government events. 

Helen believes in the use of honest words to describe what’ll happen while guiding people through a process they may not have done before, during their grief. The need for clear and careful language is based on evidence, research and her years of experience working with funeral directors.  

Helen led the development of Funeralcare’s tone of voice principles, which are now an integral part of the brand guidelines. Alongside this, she’s trained writers across the business, including agency partners, in how to bring the tone of voice to life. This has ensured the use of one empathetic and inspiring tone of voice across all offline and online communications.

Helen’s the first to offer to extra support helping colleagues to understand the importance of sensitive communication. She actively assists in new team member inductions, supporting them to develop empathy and a deeper understanding of client journeys. She also mentors and supports writers in other teams around Funeralcare and is always available to consult or advise.

Helen does all this alongside the core duties of her job designing content for customer and colleague-facing digital products and services, including Guardian, How do I and the Funeralcare website. She continues to show great care, attention and passion everything she works on.

(pictured L-R, Steve Murrells, Nelle Walsh, Helen Lawson, Natalie Clegg, Helen Webb)

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  2. A massive well done to all the winners and runners up its amazing to see the Coop going from strength to strength and reaching and achieving things we never thought possible only a few years ago, AS always proud to be COOP and proud of all the great colleagues i work with and alongside.


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