CEO Winner: Brexit Programme Team, Pan Co-op

The Brexit Programme Team really is Co-operation in action. The team consists of Co-op and NISA representation across functions including Supply Chain, Logistics, Commercial, Customer, Treasury, Finance, HR, Public Affairs, Legal, Communications, Audit, IT, Transformation, Delicious Food and Risk.

Working with partners and government they’ve achieved a common goal ensuring we keep goods flowing and continue to offer a great range following the UK’s exit from the EU.

Late signing of the Free Trade Agreement on Christmas Eve was swiftly followed by a range of hastily drafted (and difficult to interpret) rules to follow. Team members worked throughout the festive period to interpret and implement the guidance at pace. Colleagues worked round the clock over the New Year transition period to make sure our lorries were accompanied with the right paperwork so they weren’t held up at ports. 

The Food Executive witnessed first-hand last-minute changes announced by the government which the team needed to respond to rapidly. They successfully obtained signed certificates required to accompany trailers to Northern Ireland from midnight on New Year’s Eve. The documents they needed only became available at 5pm the same evening.

The team worked tirelessly to keep a great range flowing to our stores despite the complexity, lack of clarity and last-minute rule changes. They’ve shown huge resilience, creative thinking, and a can-do attitude to solving the Brexit challenge.

Remarkably, very few of the team have met in person. They’ve formed, normed and stormed as a team in lockdown. 

Colleague Choice Winner: South Shields Funeralcare

The team at South Shields Funeralcare had a client in their care who’d died from Covid, a nurse who’d been on the frontline during the pandemic.  

Arrangements were being made with the client’s Mother and a very special send-off was planned for the local hero. This included socially distanced colleagues from the local hospital, police and fire stations paying their respects en-route to the crematorium. The local newspaper was also preparing to be in attendance.

Just a few days before the funeral was due to take place, the team found out the Mother, and the Father had also both fallen ill with Covid and were receiving treatment in hospital. The funeral was postponed however tragically a couple of days later, they received news that both parents had passed away.  

The whole team found this an emotional time and wanted to make sure the whole family got the send-off they deserved. They found out that the Father had been a bus driver. This led to arrangements for a double decker to be part of the cortege. They also agreed between themselves that each family member’s hearse would be accompanied by a Funeral Director. 

As the funeral was on a Saturday and three out of the four Funeral Directors were conducting the funeral, the remaining Funeral Director worked the duty rota that weekend to make it possible. Most of the Ceremonial Crew and the Funeral Arrangers also attended the crematorium to pay respects to the local family.

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  1. COOP Team at its best. Even at depot level teams always gel when our backs are against the wall and time is of the essence. With Funeral care you must be applauded with doing the right thing at the right time to show you care.

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