By Steve Murrells, Co-op CEO 

Understandably, the world has been in crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic and as we start to see everything gradually reopen, now is the time we must look at how we reset to a new normal and do this with the health of our planet in mind. 

As you know, tackling climate change has long been one of our priorities but now, more than ever, new ways of thinking and meaningful co-operation will be needed to turbo charge the great efforts already made. These next few months are hugely significant as the world watches the UK Government host the largest climate change conference ever: COP-26. 

Great Big Green Week –  How you can get involved and make a difference 

This all starts off with The Great Big Green Week, which is the UK’s biggest call for action on climate change. We’ve been working with the organisers, The Climate Coalition, to find meaningful ways for our colleagues to get involved in making things fairer for our planet.

Here are three quick and easy ways you can play your part:

This morning I signed the declaration which calls for the Prime Minister to build back our country better and together by creating a clean energy revolution, protect our nature and to support those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. It’s important that we show our Government that we all care about climate change so please join me in signing the declaration today. 

Co-operating for a fairer planet – A reminder of our Climate change plan

Back in May, we launched our ten-point climate change plan which follows three key principles; follow the science, leave no one behind and bring about systematic change through partnering. We have laid out how we will get to net zero by 2040 across all our business areas, by:

  • Offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions of our Co-op’s products and services, including food and drink, to achieve carbon neutral status by 2025
  • An industry first move: price matching Co-op branded plant-based foods to meat-based equivalents.
  • Offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions from running our Co-op’s operations (stores, buildings and logistics) – a feat achieved in the first half of 2021
  • Investing millions of pounds of proceeds from the carrier bag levy to support UK natural restoration projects and creating an innovation fund for carbon reduction research and development initiatives
  • Expanding our Co-op Power wind and solar energy buying group to offer services to Co-op’s suppliers and more UK businesses and organisations
  • Calling on the Government to take some immediate steps including mandating all businesses report on greenhouse gas emissions, reaffirm its target of 0.7% of national income to international aid and greater transparency and penalties to prevent further deforestation

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