By The Recognition Team

CEO Winner: Peter Cox – Member Pioneer, Community and Shared Value  

Peter’s been involved in several different initiatives for the benefit of others. 

He linked in with local cafes and restaurants to provide food for hospital staff during the times of panic buying when food was sparse on store shelves. Peter then began to work alongside the Salvation Army to provide food and household parcels for 150 families that had been hardest hit financially by the pandemic. He built relationships with 18 local food stores and local groups, sourcing 20 volunteers to collect food from the stores and deliver it where it was needed

Peter was instrumental in inviting a government health official to a team meeting. Here they discussed what the Welsh Government was doing to address the health inequalities in the community with a large minority ethnic population.

Switching his attention to Fairtrade, Peter invited a Fairtrade Producer in India to speak online to Member Pioneers across the UK. He produced a video showing what Fairtrade goods are produced around the world, along with a presentation to help tell the Fairtrade story which has been shared more widely with other colleagues. 

Inspirationally, Peter has achieved all this whilst shielding due to his own health issues.

Colleague Choice Winner: Kevin Clark, Store Manager, Innerleithen Store

Kevin is well known for all the acts of kindness, generosity and compassion he shows his colleagues and his community. He calls it his Co-op Family.

Recently he worked with the local council to build a Community Swapping & Sharing Shed which can be found in the store car park. Here people from across town can access food from Fare Share, mental and physical well-being materials, books and other essential items anonymously. 

A lot of local industries in Kevin’s area have been adversely affected by the pandemic as it relies on farming, hospitality and tourism. Many of the people now accessing these resources who may not have had to access them before. The shed has been a lifesaver for many. 

Bringing to life a true One Co-op approach for the shed, Kevin influenced Co-op facilities to prepare the land and connect the shed to a power supply. He also worked with the local Member Pioneer to sign the Swapping & Sharing Shed up to receive regular Fare Share deliveries.

Alongside his community activities, Kevin’s been an immense source of strength and support to his Area Manager who was new to the business. From providing technical support, getting hands on and offering coaching to peers and even covering absences Kevin has achieved it all whilst also managing to keep his own store in exceptional shape. Nothing is too much trouble and he’s always on hand to offer help and support to anyone who needs it. 

(Pictured L-R: Steve Murrells, Peter Cox, Kevin Clark, Sarah Dickinson, Helen Webb)