By Leigh Cobden, New Channels team

As a convenience retailer, we need to continue to adapt and find new ways to reach our customers – and that’s even more important in the wake of the pandemic, which has changed how people shop and eat. 

So we’re really proud to launch our new mini Co-op offer, our ‘micro markets’, as an exciting way to reach our customers. The micro market will help us to have a Co-op presence in locations that aren’t suitable for our traditional stores and offer our customers new, convenient ways to shop with us.

We’ve just launched our first one, for the 1,000 colleagues at Numatic’s head office in Somerset, home of the iconic Henry and Hetty the Hoover and it’s looking great! The micromarket is cashless and needs no staff to run it – it’s a perfect middle ground between a vending machine and a full store, so a great solution for hospitals, offices, schools or train stations. 

Micromarkets and vending are a real opportunity for us as a convenience retailer, and it’s something we’ve been able to develop thanks to our successful Co-op franchise proposition. We call these new routes to market our ‘new channels’, and our team work in partnership with other independent retailers, suppliers and specialists to identify the opportunities, develop the proposition and deliver the final offer. It’s a fantastic way to work with other like-minded businesses to get closer to where our customers are – helping our fantastic quality Co-op branded food and drinks to reach more customers in more places than ever before.

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  1. That’s what I was thinking we should do small costa\starbucks type of business. You guys made it happen, amazing. looking forward to checkout free stores in London.

  2. Looks fantastic Leigh. Well done to you and the New Channels team.

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