By: Charlotte Goose, Junior Product Developer and Lucy Frodsham, Product Developer

After a great British summer full of friends, family, and food, it finally feels like it’s the right time to get back to a bit of normality. The kids are returning to school, our teens are heading off to uni and some of us are even making our way back to the office! 

Not only that, but colder weather is on the horizon, meaning our homes will once again become a place to hunker down and cosy up on the sofa for the next big boxset binge. But you needn’t worry – Co-op’s got you covered!

We’ve got everything our colleagues, customers, members, and communities need to see them through autumn, from convenient products to grab on-the-go, to comfort-food recipes to whip up quickly and easily. And, with nothing breaking the bank or compromising on quality, we’ve never been in a better position to exceed their expectations – and then some. 

For all our products our focus is on quick and easy plannable and comforting, that are still packed full of flavour and nutrition.

Ready Meals

We’re relaunching our Chinese Ready Meal range to deliver a ‘wok-fresh’ range replicating classic Chinese takeaway lines to excite and delight our customers.

The new range will introduce a complimentary takeaway proposition, including multi-protein and battered lines whilst fixing the quality and introducing egg fried rice! Our call out product would be the new Crispy Chilli Beef – simply amazing!

We’ve also reset our Premium Ready Meals offer to give customers restaurant inspired meals that may be challenging to recreate at home and allows for that elevated meal experience. One product to look out for would be our Irresistible Braised Beef with Truffle and Parmesan Chips – delicious.


We’ve fully overhauled our entire standard and premium soup ranges to deliver great quality classics that have broad appeal. Brand new flavours and textures, the perfect warming dish for a cold autumn evening. The real star of the show is our Golden Butternut and Sage Soup which is also vegetarian.

Simply Cook

Following increasing customer demand for quick and easy family meals we’re launching a range of two Family Traybakes in our Simply Cook range. The traybakes are a delicious mix of raw protein and vegetables, generously portioned to feed a family of four. 

All the recipes are designed for customers who want to cook “proper” food for their families but only have time to throw something quick in the oven. The product to look out for would be our Pork Meatball Traybake, topped with chunks of garlic bread!


A benchmarking review showed that the quality of our range was behind the market and there was work to be done. 

We’re re-launching the range with key quality improvements and new lines, which feeds into our quality strategy and helps to strengthen our Meals for Tonight mission strategy. 

We’re also introducing a new all butter pastry recipe across the four Irresistible lines. This has proved a huge step on in quality versus the current butter enriched pastry. All butter pastry adds great flavour, colour, and a beautiful flaky texture to the product. This is a new process for our supplier, The Cornwall Bakery, and we’ve worked collaboratively with them to deliver this step change. 

Across our core Irresistible lines, we’re also increasing the proportions of key ingredients such as beef to make sure we stack up against the market and do the right thing for the customer. Look out for our Irresistible Steak and Old Speckled Hen Ale Pie.

Prepared Veg 

We continue to offer tasty complementary sides to customers this year that’ll sit perfectly alongside all the meal categories above. 

Expanding our ranges to include a new range of serves one vegetable steamer pouches. The product to watch out for would be our Irresistible Garden Steamer. 

Look out for our Irresistible meals and other autumn favourites in our latest marketing campaign featuring press, outdoor, digital and our amazing latest super saver deal on TV.