By Charlotte Lock, Data and Loyalty Director 

This week marks one year since we changed Co-op Membership, where we put value for our members and value for our communities together in a new, more engaging, and more digitally enabled programme. 

In the last year we’ve been blown away by the positive response from members who are greater in number, voice and engagement than we could have hoped for.  

We’ve achieved so much together! Here are the highlights: 

  • 565k new members have joined our Co-op in the last year 
  • 36% of these new members are under 36 (compared to 15% of the population) 
  • We’ve seen 1.8m downloads of our Co-op App, which scores 4.8 stars in the app stores (ahead of Tesco, Lidl, Nectar, Asda or Morrisons) 
  • 932k members have selected a personalised digital offer via their app, adding up to 23m offers issued 
  • 1.1m members have selected a local cause to donate to 
  • Members have joined in over 683k times – they’ve donated the equivalent time to Co-op of 21 full-time employees 
  • We’ve seen a 12.5% increase in AGM voting 
  • Members ran, walked and cycled over 245k miles to support their lockdown wellbeing 
  • Over 100k members joined in with campaigns 
  • We’ve launched a 10K strong member panel 
  • We’ve connected with members on 375k contact centre calls 
  • Our members have designed and launched 6 new products in our Food stores 
  • We’ve enabled membership rewards at our festivals 
  • We’ve held membership bereavement groups for our Funeralcare clients 
  • We’ve rewarded our members with better pricing across our life services businesses 
  • We’ve integrated our Food eCommerce ordering into our membership app and our members feel almost twice as positive about us compared to competitor loyalty schemes they belong to

Membership is alive and kicking at the Co-op and I want to say a big thank you to all of the teams across the Co-op for your energy, creativity and commitment to making our reinvigorated membership an embodiment of our values and vision to co-operate for a fairer world.   

The engagement from members is the real prize, but I also want to wish the best of luck in the grocery, digital, CRM and insight awards membership has been nominated for including Grocer Gold, DMA, Aura Insight and Mobile App development.  Fantastic teamwork and collaboration right across the Co-op. 

Update: I’m proud to add that we won the prestigious ‘Insight Impact Award’ at the AURA Inspiring Insight awards. This award is given to the best case study of Insight making a difference to a business, and improving the bottom line. We won this for the work we’ve done on Membership over the last few years – ‘Delivering Values and Value: How Research Shaped Co-op Membership in a Pandemic’.