October 12, 2021

Do good with data

By Charlotte Lock, Data, Digital and Loyalty Director  

The Data, Digital and Loyalty team within our Co-op have a special responsibility. Above the models and analysis we build to support our commercial stakeholders with decision support from pricing, ranging, promotions, CX, personalisation and targeting; our most important purpose is to apply data for social good.   

We have a proud track record of doing so from our Community Wellbeing Index to our industry recognised data ethics canvas. We strive to use what we know, what we can derive and what we can predict, to benefit our members and communities.  

That’s why we’ve launched a competition across our Co-op for new ideas to ‘Do Good with Data’. You don’t need a PHD in applied statistics to enter, just an ethical vision and a plan to execute it.  

The prize? We’ll fund you to make it.  

This is a priority for our whole organisation so our CEO, Steve Murrells and our Non-Executive Director Rahul Power will judge the entries with me. I believe our unique footprint across the UK makes us the guardians of more and richer community data than any other organisation. And our commitment to serve our members and communities means we’re mandated and motivated to use it for positive social impact.   

You can find out more details and enter the competition by following this link. Entries close on Friday 22 October.  

I’m incredibly excited to see what ideas emerge and for our creative and ethical teams to imagine and make our next use of data for good.