By Anne Byrom, Member Proposition Manager  

For those of you who aren’t aware, Co-op Live will make its way onto the world stage in 2023 and will shine as one of the most sustainable and socially responsible buildings in Europe.  

The project will create thousands of jobs in construction through this challenging period and will provide the regional economy with a much-needed boost. With community and co-operation at its heart, around one million of Co-op Live’s yearly profits will also be distributed to good causes in community across the UK by the Co-op Foundation when it’s up and running.  

Co-op Live will champion our award-winning products sourced using British meat, Fairtrade ingredients and local suppliers, while tackling food poverty with a zero-food waste scheme.  

We’ll also be able to offer all our colleagues and members a whole host of exclusive benefits, including pre-sale tickets up to seven days before general release, discounts on food and drink and the chance to win free tickets. Not to mention priority entry-access to the venue. 

It’s really important that we work together with members to help shape future member benefits. So, back in May, we held an online workshop with members to help us explore what those offers might be for Co-op Live. 

The conversation was really interesting, and the ideas members shared with us really made us think about how we can make the membership offer for Co-op Live very special. We looked at everything from early-release tickets, VIP access, cheaper venue food and drinks, and even member-only priority lanes. 

Some of the key issues members felt we should consider included: 


Members highlighted that sometimes offers and specials could be complex to understand and difficult to explain. Ease of access, simplicity in communications and promotion at the correct point were seen as important. 


Members asked us to look at how we could support sustainable transport opportunities. Paying particular focus to how we could help members travel together. 


Emphasis was placed on how we could ensure this was a national offer to members with ideas like cheaper travel tickets, travel and accommodation packages and virtual access. 


Overall, members said there should be a sense of fairness in the offers to make sure everyone could access and benefit. 

As well as personal rewards and benefits, we also had discussions around doing something good to get something good. Members liked the idea of unlocking special offers the more you got involved – whether by shopping with us, choosing a cause or joining in. They helped us explore what we might be able to ask of members and how they would feel about the offers they might receive. 

Finally, we explored the role of co-operation and working together with family, friends, and local communities to access extra benefits at Co-op Live. Members felt there was something interesting in this space and this is something we need to explore a bit more to ensure we can make it land just right. 

Our next steps  

Armed with so many fantastic ideas and suggestions to explore, this invaluable member feedback has already taken centre stage at recent project meetings. 

We’ll continue to involve members as we develop the membership proposition further, so watch out for more opportunities to join in to share your views and ideas in the future. 

In the meantime, there are always opportunities for Co-op Members to get involved in their Co-op.  Find out what’s available now by joining in on your online Membership account.  

Co-op Live Mini-Model  

This month, a mini model of Co-op Live was unveiled in the atrium at Angel Square. The model is a brilliant way to get up-close and personal with the venue. And to see the vision for how Co-op’s brand will come to life over the next two years. It’s accompanied by a media screen packed with information about the project, live updates and a sizzle video too!  

Keep your eyes peeled 

Over the coming months, we’ll be sharing developments on all things Co-op Live. We’ll be talking to the colleagues instrumental in the project and will be providing you with updates, news and sneak peaks of the venue as it nears towards opening night.  

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  1. Looks absolutely amazing what a great initiative the coop has undertaken paving the way for years to come absolutely brilliant coop it’s what we do

    Proud to be coop

  2. Hi, I always find with venues that Standing is the most popular option so they sell out much quicker than seats.
    Could we make the venue have a larger proportion of Standing than other equivalent venues

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