By Karen Taylor, Assistant Campaign manager – Funeralcare

Our brand new campaign is already reaching people across the length and breadth of the UK. We’re telling them about the personal service and care our colleagues provide every day, so that when the times comes, they consider Co-op Funeralcare.

As part of the campaign, which runs until mid-December, we’ve partnered with Global media. Together, we’ll create a movement and drive a national conversation focusing on funeral wishes – and how we keep it ‘personal’ every step of the way.  

We’re also very excited that we’ll be back on TV, with three new adverts! We have two ads launching this week. One is an At-Need ad featuring our very own colleague Mandy Dewer, Funeral Service Manager from Watford as the Funeral Director and shows a man and his love for motorbikes. The second is a Direct Cremation ad and features a ‘no fuss ‘n bother’ fisherman. We’re excited to be able to share them with you here:

The change in funeral trends

Whilst some individuals and families still request a more traditional funeral, nowadays we deliver a variety of final farewells. If a client is looking to pre-arrange their funeral and would like it to feel like a celebration to reflect their life-long love of dancing, we’d push out all the stops to make it happen, from a colourful coffin to a handpicked list of songs, we want to make sure everyone knows we offer a personal service.

During the past few years, Direct Cremation has become more popular, especially since David Bowie’s death and his choice to have an unattended service. It’s a no fuss funeral, and often a more affordable option, which doesn’t involve a funeral service. This allows bereaved families to grieve and celebrate their loved one’s life at a place and time that’s right for them.

Why is TV advertising important to us?

TV advertising allows us to reach a wider audience and at scale, so it’s a great channel to get our message out there. We know what amazing support and care colleagues in our funeral homes give to clients and bereaved families every day, and we want to tell more people about your fantastic service. Through TV and our media partnership, we’ll reach millions of people to make them aware of what we do.

A perfect partnership

We’re mid-way through a new short-term media partnership with Global Media, one of the largest commercial radio companies in Europe.

Through the partnership, we’re sharing the findings of a survey about funeral wishes through national and regional radio ads on Heart, Smooth and Radio X, in addition to ‘out of home’ advertising in key locations and on some of Global’s best performing podcasts.

We’ve even got one of our colleagues, Steven Davies from McKenna Funeralcare in Preston, recording the radio ad for the North West telling the story of a funeral he arranged for a client who wanted a DJ van to lead the cortege.

Our partnership with Global sits alongside lots of other great content and activity across our website, digital and social channels, as well as the instore Food mag, instore radio, till screens and member emails.

And finally, look out for our third and final TV ad for this year which lands at the start of December. It showcases our funeral plans and how you can personalise them to reflect your life and your funeral wishes. It features Jyoti, the lady who loves dancing – and you can also see her on the national press adverts which feature from today up until Saturday 6 November in titles such as Daily Mail and Metro.

For more information about our Funeralcare business and how we can support our clients as we’ll as your family and friends when they needs us, go to the website.

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