By Andrew Weston, Senior Public Affairs Manager

This week and next, the world’s political leaders get together in Glasgow to discuss climate change at COP26. That’s why we’re hosting our very own Co-op26, the climate event for everyone.

We’ve partnered with the global movement, Count Us In, so together we can do our bit to fight climate change.

Tell your politicians

Unprecedented co-operation is needed to tackle climate change, but the good news is that together we can make a difference. We can all do our bit through the choices that we make, including by pledging to do things like reducing waste or eating more plants. However, the actions we take as individuals won’t be enough unless we see systemic and structural change from across industry, and around the world, at the same time.

That’s why it’s so vital that our political leaders here in the UK hear the message loudly and clearly that as their constituents, we believe that tackling the climate crisis is a high priority. We need them to work with us to regulate, incentivise and equip every family, ever community, every business, to deliver bold and rapid changes for the sake of our planet.

You can help by letting our local MP know how you feel and push them to be part of the solution. We’ve drafted this letter to make it easy. As the world’s eyes are on Glasgow and the progress being made at COP-26, this is such an important time to be using your voice to speak up.

Don’t forget to head over to to declare your pledge!

Co-op colleagues and members are already making difference

We are really clear that co-operation will be key to tackling the climate crisis. That’s why we joined in with the Climate Coalition’s Great Big Green Week and asked all of you to sign an online declaration calling on the Prime Minister to create a clean energy revolution, protect our nature and to support those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Thank you to all the colleagues who took part. On your behalf, it was my privilege to stand alongside others in handing in the declaration to Number 10 because our Co-op had been one of the biggest contributors to securing signatures for the declaration.

Together we can make a difference to climate change.